Guiding Our Team

Our Team Principles are the foundation that determines how we function as a company. These principles guide our activities and allow us to deliver value to our customers.

Our Single

Our sole focus is generating real value for our customers and our employees.

The Value We Deliver

  • One


    • Our team is highly trained in sourcing and evaluating assets and understanding the context within which they are coming to market. We share our knowledge with you in the most direct, transparent way we can: as a buyer, you are then able to weigh all variables impacting the asset and market and make the most informed decision.
  • Two

    Safe Transactions

    • Our deep understanding of global suppliers helps buyers safely navigate the risks in each vertical, and ensures that you receive what you expect, as you expect it to be. We provide de-installation, rigging, crating, shipping, storage, and import/export compliance services for even greater transaction control. If there are ever any problems, we find the resolution.
  • Three

    Cost Efficiency

    • By creating an efficient, open, and transparent market, true value can be discovered. Many assets that would otherwise be unsalable can be monetized. Assets that hold value can be broadly marketed to accelerate their present value – we find the buyer with the right timing, motivation, and pricing, on a global basis.