About CAE

CAE is a leading trading and investment platform for the world’s capital asset markets – we congregate buyers and sellers into one platform, create high net present value matches through our proprietary analytics, and help buyers and sellers transact in a simple, value-added way.

CAE enters deeply illiquid, often non-functional, capital asset markets. We select markets that lack centralized exchanges, clear and accepted pricing mechanisms, or a developed settlement system, and create a platform that allows the market to function, while also solving the fundamental liquidity and sourcing, due diligence, and settlement needs of its seller and buyer clients.

Our advantage is based on our proprietary technology, superb data, extensive client network, and world-class execution. The CAE platform is a proprietary data and analytics software suite that allows us to understand market dynamics, prices, and behavior early, and generate real value for both buyer and seller clients.

We create a safe, comprehensive, and effective market for manufacturers, foundries, service providers, universities, institutions, and governments to buy and sell capital assets. Once a purchase has been completed, CAE provides deep support and makes the process efficient for everyone.

CAE was founded in 1982 in Menlo Park, CA. It was acquired by its current management in 2014.


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