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ID#: 9062697 Manufacturer: CENTROTHERM Model: DO-FF-HTO-12.200-300 Category: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Vintage: 2006 Equipment Details: Fast firing furnace


Operating system:
Windows XP professional
Service pack 2

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
RAM: 512 MB

Hard drive:
Partition C: 36.7 GB
Partition D: 33.0 GB

Ethernet: Broadcom NetXtreme gigabit

Heating for cassette fast firing FF:
Heated length: 2,600 mm
(6) Heating zones

Cooling line length: 2,600 mm
(1) Cooling cassette

Operation temperature:
Max temperature for heating cassette:
Dryer HTO: 500 C
Convection heating: 500° C

Transfer station:
Zone 1-3: 400° C
Zone 4: 500° C
Fast firing FF zone 1-4: 650° C
Fast firing FF zone 5-6: 1000° C

Temperature fresh water: 15 - 25°C
Temperature cooling water: <18 - 25°C
pH Value: 6-8

Water hardness:
100 - 130 mg / l CaO

Mechanical contamination: <100 mg / l
Maximum particle size: < 50 μm
Pressure minimum: 6 Bar
Pressure maximum: 8 Bar

Compressed air:
Dry condensation point: -40°C
Oil-free: < 0.5 mg / m3
Pressure minimum: 4 Bar
Pressure maximum: 8 Bar

Oxygen (O2):
Oxygen: Class 4.5

Minimum: 4 Bar
Maximum: 8 Bar

Forming gas (N2 / H2):
Forming gas: Minimum class 5.0
Max.Hydrogen content: 5%

Minimum: 4 Bar
Maximum: 8 Bar

Includes manual
Currently warehoused
2006 vintage.
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