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ID#: 116227 Manufacturer: TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Model: ALPHA 8SE Category: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Equipment Details: VF LPCVD ASG furnace SMIF Type: Asyst SMIF indexer: 2 Cassette transfer: cassette transfer Wafer transfer stage : 2 stage Cassette stock: Stocker(21) Boat process: one boat 2 batch process Wafer transfer: FORK(5) Process reactor: one reactor one system Heater: Five zones Boat position: cooling, process and loading position TC position: Paddle TC: Between outer and inner tube Spike TC: on heater Injector: ASP: 6 injectors ASG: 5 injectors Process gas: ASP: N2/SiH4/H2/0.7%AsH3/ClF3 ASG: N2/O2/TEOS/Teasat/ClF3 MFC: UNIT Boat material: ASP: SIC ASG: Quartz Boat slot: ASP: 170 ASG: 129 Process tube: Quartz Outer tube: Quartz Inner tube: Quartz CLF3 dry clean: Yes PUMP: EDWARDS/EBARA System controller: WAVES Powered down.
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