Used AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS SemVision G3 #9261314 for sale

This AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS SemVision G3 has been sold.

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ID#: 9261314



Wafer Size:


Equipment Details:

Defect review system, 12"
Process: SEMREV
Wafer ID reader
Backside bar code wafer scribe reader

Carrier ID: Tiris compatable RFID
Operator access switch: VeritySEM-AUTO 8

Wafer mapping: Through beam mapper VeritySEM-AUTO 6
Optical FOV: Large optical FOV 100x, 20x and 2.5x

Tilt function
Contact hole profile grade
SECS Capable output VeritySEM-SYS2
Wafer stage: Anorad stage
Interlocks: ETU Access panel

(2) FOUP (Continuous flow operation)

Remote units:
Dry and vacuum pumps

Signal tower: Red / Yellow / Green / Blue
Power supply: HVPS, CDM

Does not include dry pumps
CE Marked
2006 vintage.
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