Used ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 #9178881 for sale

ID: 9178881
RF Generator Model no: 0190-09814-004.
ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 is a high frequency DC power supply that has been designed with modern power algorithms and advanced digital technology for precise, reliable and efficient power delivery. This power supply is equipped with a powerful output voltage up to 300V and rated current up to 100A. It features adjustable output ripple, high efficiency, under-voltage protection and fast dynamic response. Additionally, it comes with optional isolated analog control and digital I/O for easy integration. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV8000 is designed to provide a highly integrated and compact solution for powering medical, imaging, industrial and scientific applications. This power supply is capable of producing adjustable, soft-switching output voltage with frequencies from 300Hz to 4MHz, with adjustable output ripple up to 10%. The output voltage is adjustable from 0 to 300VDC with rated current up to 100A. The thoughtful design of this power supply enables it to provide precise and stable output voltage, ensuring repeatability in medical and imaging applications. HFV-8000 is an excellent choice for applications that require fast dynamic response. With its high-speed update frequency of up to 20kHz, it satisfies the requirements of high response speed demanded by many advanced applications. Additionally, an analog control port can be optionally provided to provide precise control of the output voltage or current with control command. This power supply also includes Digital I/O ports for integration with other equipment or systems. HFV 8000 is designed for safe operation, including burst-mode operation, over voltage protection, soft-start control and fault protection. The power supply is designed to minimize the ripple and make sure stable operation over an operating temperature range of -20°C to +55°C. It is also designed with high reliability capability and comes with comprehensive protection features for safe operation. In conclusion, ADVANCED ENERGY HFV-8000 is a high performance, reliable and energy efficient power supply that is ideal for medical, imaging, industrial and scientific applications. With adjustable output ripple, adjustable output voltage up to 300V, rated current up to 100A, isolated analog control, digital I/O, robust protection features and fast dynamic response, this power supply provides an excellent solution for precise and reliable power delivery.
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