Used ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-900-2V #9165173 for sale

ID: 9165173
RF Generator PN: 3156024-132 For APPLIED MATERIALS Producer CVD System.
ADVANCED ENERGY PDX-900-2V is a high performance and reliable ac-dc power supply. This unit is designed to provide fast, reliable, and precise power to a wide range of process control and automation applications. This model offers excellent power protection, long term stability, and low noise operation, making it the perfect choice for powering a variety of demanding industrial systems. ADVANCED ENERGY PDX900-2V features a wide input voltage range of 160 to 264 volts (V). This allows for greater compatibility with international power grids and better protection against unexpected power surges. The unit is also equipped with overvoltage protection, which ensures that the load remains safe even in the event of an unexpected increase in input power. Additionally, this power supply offers an input current of 11A, providing high power capacity for demanding applications. PDX 900-2V also features a compact form factor, allowing for easy integration into tight spaces. It offers a reliable, low-noise output of up to 900 watts, making it well-suited for powering a range of motor, electronic, and electrical loads. The unit is also equipped with efficient cooling mechanisms such as a UL-recognized forced air cooling system. This ensures optimum performance and reduces the risk of overheating. PDX-900-2V includes various diagnostics such as power, current, and temperature monitoring, offering additional safety and reliability. It also provides various external communication protocols such as USB and RS-232, allowing for easy connection to PLCs and other intelligent control systems. The unit is semi-flexible with a variety of mounting options, making it easy to install in a range of enclosures. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY PDX 900-2V is an excellent power supply, offering fast, reliable power to industrial applications. It features a wide voltage range of 160 to 264V, an input current of 11A, and an output power of up to 900W. This unit is packed with features such as overvoltage protection, low noise operation, and various external communication protocols. It also has a compact form factor that allows for easy integration in tight spaces and a variety of mounting options. As such, it is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for powering a range of industrial and process control applications.
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