Used DELTA ELECTRONICA SM 7020-D #9166969 for sale

ID: 9166969
Power supply controller.
DELTA ELECTRONICA SM 7020-D is a single output programmable AC/DC power supply that offers a variable output range of 0-270V and up to 20A of current. The power supply is designed for use in a variety of applications, such as electronic and automotive testing, automations systems and more. It features a digital user interface for ease of use and programming, as well as over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection. SM 7020-D comes with a range of features to make it an effective testing and development tool. The output current can be adjusted in 0.1A increments from 0 to the maximum of 20A, providing precise control. The power supply also has a high frequency control mode for faster responses and better dynamic performance. Users can also adjust the rise time and output oscillation frequency for trouble-free operation and exceptional accuracy. The power supply includes built-in transient and over-load protection. The over-voltage protection will trip upon reaching a set level of voltage to prevent further damage or risk of injury. A low-battery alarm is also included, which will sound and LED will flash when the battery reaches a preset level of voltage. Additionally, a cooling fan is included to ensure that the power supply remains at an optimal working temperature. DELTA ELECTRONICA SM 7020-D can be equipped with different communication interfaces, too, making programming easier and providing a way to remotely monitor and control the power supply via RS-232, RS-485 or LAN. The power supply also comes with a range of software modules for data logging and power management, making it easier to manage a large number of power supplies simultaneously. In conclusion, SM 7020-D is an efficient, reliable and versatile power supply suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is feature-rich with adjustable outputs, various protection modes, and various communication interfaces to ensure optimal performance. It is designed for trouble-free operation and excellent precision, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance power supply.
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