Used KOBELCO SRP-200B #9085625 for sale

ID: 9085625
Wafer Size: 12"
Wafer testing and metrology system, 12".
KOBELCO SRP-200B is a versatile wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable highly accurate non-contact, in-line measurements of wafer measured parameters such as surface roughness, texture, flank height, and film thickness. SRP-200B consists of a measurement head and a computer workstation. The measurement head contains a camera, mechanical scanner, and optics, mounted on a multi-axis linear and rotary positioning system. The camera captures images of the wafer surface for analysis. The scanner is composed of a light source, a camera, and lenses and optics, as well as mirrors and focusing elements, which enable controlled, high precision scanning of the wafer surface. The optics, consisting of a micro-lens array and a polarizer, allows for measurement of film thickness and surface roughness with an accuracy of +/- 1nm over a 30 X 30mm surface area. The measurement head is connected to the workstation via a USB interface. The powerful software incorporated in the workstation allows the user to capture an image of the wafer surface, process the data, and save the results. The software also supports imaging, analysis, display, and data manipulation. KOBELCO SRP-200B is designed with a high level of flexibility to allow customers to tailor the unit to meet their own specific needs as demands evolve. Users can incorporate additional optical components, such as a filtering machine, to enable them to measure a wider range of films and materials. In addition, SRP-200B has high resolution (up to 5000 pixels per inch), allowing for accurate measurements of very tiny features. KOBELCO SRP-200B is a rugged and reliable solution for wafer testing and metrology offering accurate results with an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. With sophisticated software, a range of optical components, and multi-axis positioning capability, the equipment is able to meet a range of application needs. SRP-200B is an ideal solution for wafer testing and metrology.
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