On-the-job Training

Trading, whether at CAE or anywhere else, simply cannot be taught, it needs to be experienced. In CAE’s view, there are not individual graduate or undergraduate programs that can sufficiently prepare one for the challenges in the process or provide the full range of skills needed to be a trader. It’s an apprenticeship business, where you must learn from experts in an experiential way.

Our Training Program reflects this reality and provides new employees with the on-the-job training needed to fully understand the business of trading. It takes CAE approximately 4 months to mature a trader to a mid-level range, so our program begins with a 2-month general training program. Once completed, trainees are assigned to a mentor in our Mentorship Program for continued one-on-one training. Over time, as pattern recognition, pricing knowledge, asset knowledge, and market relationships increase, a trader’s returns continue to accelerate.

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