About CAE

CAE is a global physical commodity trader addressing the semiconductor market. Initially focused on silicon, CAE considers transactions in any physical asset utilized by a fabrication facility. We work with all levels of a fab, from maintenance engineers to fab managers, to understand their demand and available supply and solve fundamental sourcing and monetization challenges.



As the largest semiconductor commodity trader, we create liquidity and make the market effective. Across thousands of situations per year, buyers and sellers entrust CAE to effectively market, fund, and settle their buying and selling activity.


CAE’s proprietary software, analytics, and market research allow the firm to originate, structure, and execute proprietary opportunities and deliver superior value to our buyer and supplier clients.


In each transaction, CAE marshals a tailored due diligence process, robust compliance, and risk management, internal physical logistics, and provides a uniquely safe and secure transaction. CAE protects its clients.

our values


Our Team Principles are the foundation that determines how we function as a company. These principles guide our activities and allow us to deliver value to our customers.



Our team is highly trained in sourcing and evaluating assets and understanding the context within which they are coming to market. We share our knowledge with you in the most direct, transparent way we can: as a buyer, you are then able to weigh all variables impacting the asset and market and make the most informed decision.



Our deep understanding of global suppliers helps buyers safely navigate the risks in each vertical, and ensures that you receive what you expect, as you expect it to be.We provide de-installation, rigging, crating, shipping, storage, and import/export compliance services for even greater transaction control. If there are ever any obstacles, we find a resolution.



By creating an efficient, open, and transparent market, true value can be discovered. Many assets that would otherwise be unsalable can be monetized. Assets that hold value can be broadly marketed to accelerate their present value – we find the buyer with the right timing, motivation, and pricing, on a global basis.

team principles



We seek to view each asset and situation objectively and give our clients a sound view into the market and the assets they are buying or selling.



We judge ourselves solely on our ability to make our clients successful. Our actions are only valuable if they generate results for our clients.


Pattern Recognition

We work extremely hard to understand the market in real time. As the market changes, we provide our clients with the insight they need to make informed decisions and take action. By understanding fundamental patterns, we become predictive for our clients.



Internally, we promote and provide rewards based on merit and merit alone.



The best ideas win. We don’t care who thought of them or where the idea came from. We value insight and critical thinking above all else.



We do what we say we will do and we’re fully committed to generating the best possible outcomes for our clients, employees, and company.



We proactively collaborate. Every client outcome requires extensive coordination and teamwork at CAE. We excel both as individuals and as a team.


Attention to Detail

We ask questions, dig-in, and confirm. We do not leave excellent outcomes to chance. We manage the details so that our clients don’t have to.



Our priority is always creating opportunities for our clients. When opportunities present themselves, we move with speed and precision to generate value.



Every great achievement results from a challenge and requires effort. We pride ourselves on our commitment to overcome any challenge and persevere in our mission to make our platform a safe, comprehensive, and effective choice for our clients.

advantages For buyers



We provide unmatched access to assets across the globe.



Utilizing our platform and team experience, we match your needs to available assets quickly and at the best possible price.



Our market reach and industry experience enable us to provide an accurate and complete view of the quality of every item. And if something goes wrong at any stage of a transaction, we find a resolution.



Our dedicated settlement team supports import/export compliance, de-installation, rigging, crating, storage, and shipping on a global basis.

advantages For sellers


Purchasing Power

During 2022, we purchased over 1,400 assets on a global basis.



We move quickly and will immediately fund purchases, often completing deals in less than 24 hours.


Market Reach

In the past two years, we’ve completed deals for over 1,200 returning clients, with more than 500 clients who purchase through our platform on a regular basis.


Cross-manufacturer Focus

We buy across the semiconductor value chain, from manufacturing materials to printed circuit boards.



With CAE, selling is simplified. We gather all information, assist in managing inspections, and organize the post-sale logistics and export process, as applicable.

CAE'S Growth

Transactions Clients Sales


CAE Founded as a physical semiconductor equipment catalogue in Menlo Park, CA; the first company to create a secondary market for buyers and sellers within the semiconductor industry.


Transition to Global Marketplace

CAE business migrates to online marketplace, begins referral-based market.


Ryan Jacob Appointed CEO; Launch of Trading

Ryan Jacob appointed CEO in January, 2008; Launch of arbitrage trading, first rapid growth phase.


Initial Rapid Growth Phase

Expansion from 5 to 50 employees; creation and implementation of proprietary technology, SEO, training programs, processes; revenue growth from approx. $1MM to $100MM; asset sourcing growth from 1,000 to >100,000 per annum.


Operational Expansion

CAE senior management acquires 100% of CAE; global headquarters moves to Austin, TX; launch of second growth phase: operational expansion.


Acceleration of Proprietary Technology

Launch of the first R&D and Software Engineering office in Belarus.


Data Expansion; Launch of India Office

Launch of India office enabling 24/7 data coverage globablly and significant expansion of CAE's proprietary dataset.


Launch of Taiwan Office

CAE opens first permanent office in Asia, located in Taipei, Taiwan.


Asia Expansion

Taiwan becomes CAE's Asia HQ; launch of GIS in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China.


Launch of Korea Office; Asia Offices Growth

CAE opens permanent office in Seoul, Korea; Taiwan and Korea offices expand to house Trading, Logistics, Compliance, Data Acquisition & Analytics, GIS.


Launch of European HQ

European HQ launched in Budapest, Hungary to house Trading, Logistics, Compliance, Data Acquisition & Analytics, Software Engineering, GIS.


Launch of neural network: CARLSon

CAE Software Engineering team launches proprietary neural network to play critical role within our platform; team members, clients are better served as result of this technologicial breakthrough.


Rapid Trading, Operational Expansion

Trading team growth to nearly 100 team members; promotion of local Directors; Logistics, Compliance teams grow to 30 across North America, Europe, and Asia offices; Software Engineering team doubles in size.


Platform Upgrades; Rapid Growth

Upgrade of industry-leading compliance platform; expansion of teams across all areas to better serve our industry across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australasia.


Ryan F. Jacob

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan began his career as a private equity investor at Celerity Partners, a $200 million private equity firm. During his time at Celerity, Ryan focused on technology related de-leveraging, growth equity, and leveraged recapitalization investments. Ryan led and participated in a broad range of new and portfolio company activities. Following Celerity, Ryan worked for Endeavour Capital, a $3 billion private equity firm focused on leveraged buyouts in the Northwestern United States. Finally, Ryan worked in the Palo Alto office of Summit Partners, a $35 billion global private equity group, where he focused on consumer internet, media, enterprise software, and semiconductor-related investments.

In 2008, Ryan Jacob became a Chairman and CEO of CAE. Ryan led the development of CAE into a global software and data driven trading platform for the semiconductor market that operates in 10 countries, has over 6,000 clients, over 300 employees, and is the market and technology leader in its space. Ryan became the largest CAE unitholder in a management buyout in 2014.

Ryan serves as Chairman of Jacob Family Holdings, LLC, a private investment company that focuses on investing in private equity and venture capital funds as a Limited Partner, acquiring and managing select private companies, and completing real estate investments in Texas, Utah, and California.

In addition to his leadership role at CAE, Ryan serves on the Board of Texas Semiconductor Technologies, a leading provider of aftermarket parts, systems, and solutions to the semiconductor industry. Ryan serves on the Board of the Prime Bank of Texas, an Austin-based community bank that serves select Texas markets. Ryan is the Chairman of TransformaTx Biotherapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics for Angelman syndrome. Ryan serves on the Board of Sourceability, a global distributor of semiconductor and electronic components. Ryan has served on numerous boards in the past, including as the foundation representative for FAST (see below) on the board of GeneTx Biotherapeutics before and through the completion of its sale to Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NASDAQ: RARE).

Ryan’s philanthropic efforts focus on adults and children with rare genetic diseases and intellectual and development disabilities. Ryan Jacob is the Executive Director, on the Board of Directors, of the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST), a research-focused foundation, dedicated to curing Angelman syndrome by funding foundational research in academic centers globally and transferring promising technology into therapy-specific companies. Ryan currently serves as a Director, on the Board of Directors, of the Rise School of Austin, a specialty pre-K school serving neurotypical and non-neurotypical children in an integrated and inclusive setting. Ryan has served on the Board, and as the Vice President of the Board, for the Arc of the Capital Area in the past, helping to establish a distributed network of care delivery centers in Central Texas.

Ryan holds a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Ryan lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three children. Ryan’s middle son, Grayson, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome.

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Our Executives

With backgrounds in finance, technology, and client management, our team focuses on creating a safe, comprehensive, and effective market access point. We are deeply committed to creating a firm that delivers excellent client outcomes during every transaction.

Jeffrey Robbins

Jeffrey Robbins


Jeffrey Robbins joined CAE in 2014. He is responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of CAE’s global secondary capital equipment business. As the company moves into our next major phase of growth, Jeffrey’s focus is on business development, operational improvements, and the growth of the firm. Before joining CAE, he spent 6 years at Ventex Corporation as a managing partner, responsible for determining strategic direction and overseeing operations.

Prior to that, Jeffrey was the founder and majority owner of RSIG Security Group Inc., providing global security services to a diverse client base. He expanded RSIG from a single state entity in 2000 to seven states by 2005, employing three thousand officers.

David Ruiz

David Ruiz

Managing director

David Ruiz serves as CAE’s Managing Director, responsible for firmwide trading strategy and execution. He leads CAE’s global trading teams in all aspects of the trading process, from evaluating opportunities to negotiating terms. He draws on a wealth of experience, overseeing in excess of 8,000 completed transactions throughout his career at CAE.

He joined CAE in 2010, and previously served in senior roles as Director of Data Acquisition and Analytics, and Vice President of Sales and Trading.

He attended Pomona College, graduating with a dual B.A. in Politics and Economics. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and dog.

Austin Gill

Austin Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Austin Gill has served as CAE’s Executive Vice President since 2015 and, prior to that, as its Director of Operations and Analytics. He entered the firm in early 2012 as a Trader and served in that capacity for two years as one of the firm’s top performers prior to moving into Management. As an EVP, Austin is responsible for managing the firm’s global operations across its offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. He oversees Data Acquisition and Analytics, Settlement and Risk Management, Software Engineering, IT and Security, Talent Acquisition, and Trader Training.

Prior to CAE, Austin held positions in Fixed Income at RBC Capital Markets and supported the M&A team at Dewey & LeBoeuf.

Austin graduated with a BA from Princeton University, where he was a member of the varsity football team.

Andrei Fiadkovich

Andrei Fiadkovich

Chief Technology Officer

Andrei leads the firm’s Software Engineering Department, which is responsible for the continual development and enhancement of our trading platform. He joined CAE in 2015 as the Director of Engineering and was promoted to the Vice President of Engineering in January 2018. Prior to CAE, Andrei worked at Avanade, a software development joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. He oversaw development teams servicing energy, automotive, and consumer product clients and led technology development including web-based exchanges, decision support, and behavioural platforms.

He was a Senior Software Architect at KGB, where he worked on geo-location products and product-service technology. Andrei’s career path extends to software companies around the world, including Dell and Epsilon. Andrei has been responsible for the full software stack, from server-side database design and programming all the way through front-end consumer and business portals and user interfaces. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the St. Petersburg Mining Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.