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    Reflow oven, 3 zone computer controller.

    Rapid thermal processing system 2012 vintage.

    Rapid thermal processing system, 2"-8" Ramp up rate: 10°C to 120°C per/sec Maximum rate: 200°C Steady state duration: 0-600 sec/step Steady state temperature range: 150°C - 1150°C ERP Pyrometer: 450°C-1250°C With ±1°C accuracy Thermocouple: 100°C-800°C With ±0.5°C accuracy Temperature: Repeatability: ±0.5°C Uniformity: ±8°C across an 8" Gases used: N2 O2 Ar He Forming gas NH3 N2O2 Main frame with wires Pentium® class computer with touch screen monitor, 15" Mouse and standard keyboard Aluminum oven chamber With water cooling passages Gold plating plates Door plate with TC connection port Isolated quartz tube without pyrometer window or with Pyrometer window Oven control board Main control board Bottom and top heating with 27 (1.2kW) radiation heating lamp module (4) Bank zones Top: Front and rear Bottom: Front and rear Quartz tray: 5" to 8" Round wafer / Customized Gas lines with gas MFC with shut-off valve T-Shape quartz with qualified K-type TC Holder for 100°C-800°C temperature measurement Thermocouple wires: (5)pcs Options: MFCs with gas control Carrier / Susceptor: Small sample Transparent substrate Substrate with metal thin film on top Patented ERP pyrometer (400-1250°C) Non-contact high temperature sensor Chiller for ERP pyrometer Single point for pyrometer calibration Omega meter for pyrometer and thermocouple calibration Shutt-off valve for quartz tube Lamps cooling control Spare parts Type: Atmospheric RTP RTA Stand alone Manual loading PC Controller with real time control technology Lamp heating: Top and bottom (27) Lamps (4) Lamp zones Isolated quartz tube Gold plating plates: Top Bottom Front Rear Left Right Water cooled oven chamber Substrate size, 8" Substrate thickness: <10 mm Substrate material: Transparent Semitransparent Nontransparent Substrate shape: Round / Square / Abnormity Highest temperature: 800°C-1250°C/1500°C Temperature sensor: TC Longest steady time @1000 °C: 30 mins Vacuum pressure control: No Chamber cooling: Maximum: 35°C Dew point: 3°C Pre-filtered water Susceptor material: Graphite with SiC coating / Customized Options: Temperature sensor: ERP Omega meter: CL23A Susceptor: Base and cover Power : 3 Phase 50/60 Hz AC 200V, 208V, 220V, 380V, 415V Amps: 100 CE Marked.
  • AJAX LP-50

    AJAX: LP-50

    Heating and melting furnace 1994 vintage.

    Furnace 24" conveyor 3-zone 220 V, 40 A, 3 phase 6' hot zone Blue.
  • AMI / PRESCO: MCT-2400

    Furnace Belt speed: 10-100 cm / min Chain belt: 610 mm 63A, 380V.

    Deep diffusion furnace Groove diffusion bench U-Al sinter Load & heat module Gas cabinet DDC Module Load bed plates BP Process and maintenance documentation Software backups Power requirements (per furnace tube): Line voltage: 3 Phase, AC 400 V Electrical power: 540 kVA Line frequency: 50 Hz UPS requirements (per furnace tube): Line voltage: 1 Phase, AC 220 V Electrical power: 5,4 kVA (11) Crates / Pallets 1996 vintage.
  • AS ONE: OF-610

    Oven 2008 vintage.
  • ANTOM: HAS-5016

    Reflow oven 2007 vintage.
  • BLUE M: DC-166

    Industrial oven Interior dimensions: 24" x 24" x 48" Maximum temperature: 600°F (1) Pass air convection Single set point digital temperature protection controller 240 V, 3 Phase, 33 A.
  • BLUE M DC-246

    BLUE M: DC-246

    Electric cabinet oven Internal dimensions: 48" W x 24" D x 36" H Temperature: 1300°F Digital controls Stainless steel.
  • BLUE M DC-256-JY-MP550

    BLUE M: DC-256-JY-MP550

    Ovens Internal dimension (W x D x H): 25"x 20"x 20" Temperature range: 350ºC (max) (2) Shelves Power supply: 220 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz 2005 vintage.
  • BLUE M DCC-1406-B-MP550

    BLUE M: DCC-1406-B-MP550

    Bake and anneal ovens.
  • BLUE M DCC-206-F-MP350

    BLUE M: DCC-206-F-MP350

    Mechanical convection clean room oven Temperature range: 250ºC I.D.: 16.5 x 18 x 19.7" Interior volume: 3.4 cu ft Voltage: 240V, 3 phase, 60Hz.
  • BLUE M DCI-256-B-MP550

    BLUE M: DCI-256-B-MP550

    Oven 1991 vintage.
  • BLUE M: DCI-336KY-MP550

    Oven, currently non-operational.
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