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    Ion milling system Source: 4" Rotating substrate holder, adjustable angle Power supply Roughing pump Diffusion pump.
  • FEI: Auto THP800

    Focused ion beam system 2000 vintage.
  • FEI Nova NanoLab 200

    FEI: Nova NanoLab 200

    Focused ion beam system Electron and ion beams: Yes (2) Gas injection systems: PT, unlabeled Detectors: Secondary Backscatter Chamberscope Main instrument: Semiconductor Stage tilt: Yes Rotation capability: 45° or more Features / addons: Micromanipulator Second gas: Ins 2004 vintage.
  • FEI / MICRION 2500

    FEI / MICRION: 2500

    Focused ion beam (FIB) system Source: Gallium ion source Resolution: 5 nm (potentially up to 10nm) Image: Micro channel plate Analog channeling with 256 grey level for high contrast Gas injector: Tungsten (for deposition) Chlorine (for selective etching) XeF2 (for selective etching) Spare port for other gases Charge: Neutralization: E gun (Filament issue) Load / Unload: Half automatic load lock Vacuum system: PFEIFFER Turbo pump system with fore pump Stage: 3” (6) Axes eucentric tilt stage Tilt: 0 – 60° Rotation: 360° (+/- 180°) Eucentric tilt axis: Small Z: 10 mm (For eucentric compensation) Big Z: 20 mm X / Y: 75 mm Power supply: 50 kV Bipolar supply for high current mode.
  • FEI / MICRION 9500

    FEI / MICRION: 9500

    Focused ion beam (FIB) system Pumps not included.
  • GATAN 600 CTMP

    GATAN: 600 CTMP

    Turbo Pumped Argon/Reactive Plasma DuoMill Dual Station Ion Milling System Ion milling system for the preparation of high quality TEM specimens (2) independent milling stations mounted on a single high speed vacuum system Each milling station has a Whisperlok specimen exchange system which functions without disturbing the vacuum or milling conditions of the other station and two Octogun ion guns.
  • GATAN 691 PIPS

    GATAN: 691 PIPS

    Precision ion polishing system Ion source: Ion guns: (2) Penning ion guns Milling angle: +10i to -10i, (adjustable) Ion beam energy: 1.5keV to 6keV Beam diameter: 350m FWHM at 5keV to 800m FWHM at 5keV For broad beam guns Ion current density: 10mA/cm2 peak Beam alignement: Precision beam alignment Specimen stage: Sample size: 3mm or 2.3mm Mounting: Gatan patented DuoPost (standard) or Graphite holder (optional) Rotation: Variable from 1 to 6 rpm Beam modulation: Single or double sector for exceptional cross-sectioning Viewing: Binocular microscope: 40x or 80x Vacuum: Dry pumping system: Molecular drag pump Pressure: Base pressure: 5E-6 torr Operating pressure: 8E-5 torr Vacuum gauge: Penning type for main chamber Solid-state for backing pump Specimen airlock: GATAN Whisperlok Specimen exchange time: <30sec.
  • HITACHI: IML-2-1

    Ion milling system, 1996 vintage.


    Ion mill etcher Includes: (8) Spare component modules 1980 vintage.

    Ion beam deposition system, 6".
  • VEECO Nexus IBE 350i

    VEECO: Nexus IBE 350i

    Ion beam etching system, 6" Currently installed and stored in cleanroom 2007 vintage.
  • VEECO RF350 C2 IBE

    VEECO: RF350 C2 IBE

    Ion beam etcher, 6"-8" Process modules transport module systems include: BROOKS Automation robot wafer handler system Loadlock A & B Electronics cabinet contains: (2) APC 450 UPS Raritan compu-switch Industrial PC (2) LEYBOLD INFICON IG3 Vacuum gauge controllers LEYBOLD NT20 Turbovac controller (2) SORENSEN DCS60-18 Power supplies SORENSEN DCS20-150 Power supply SPELLMAN SL300 Power supply SPELLMAN SL1200 Power supply Process modules include: LEYBOLD MAG2000 Turbo pump & controller CTI Onboard cyropump with fastregen sputtering module CTI 9600 Compresser RFPP AM-10/20 Auto matching network ADVANCED ENERGY RF10M / RF20M Power supply CTI Onboard controller RF matching network monitor ADVANCED ENERGY RF-20MWC RF Generator Main power distribution panel: 208V,100A 1997 vintage.
  • FEI Helios NanoLab 400

    FEI: Helios NanoLab 400

    Dual beam FIB system Module: PFA Operating system: Windows XP 2008 vintage.
  • FEI Expida 1255

    FEI: Expida 1255

    Dual beam FIB system (2) KEITHLEY 6485 Pico ammeters RARITAN Compuswitch Monitor Keyboard Control knob Mouse Joystick System computer: Floppy disk drive (FDD) CD Rom drive Hard disk drive (HDD) MITSUBISHI Printer missing LBO-51MA Display unit ROSH Compliant: SCHOTT DCR III Canopus box (3) GIS II Controllers CIV Controller (2) GIS Controllers Controller rack: Delta power supply lens AVA Controller MBCA Controller card cadge: SCRD, MRSF2, LNSA, MDLN/I, DLCB/SN, QDCR/SN, REF/SN A Controller card cadge: SCRD, MRSF1, LNSA, MDLN/I, REF/U, DLCB/SN, QDCR/SN, QDCR/SN, DSC MBB Controller card cadge: GRID FPS, DCN/SD, LHT N,VDRC, Gain FPS, HTT IO, BIAS FPS, UDTB/N, UDTB/N, UDTB/N, DDCB, DRV MBD Controller card cadge: HRDS, HVGD, SDB, MCCB DBTR, HVG/D, CTBI, PLCB2, EBD MBS Controller card cadge: EBR, CAN/CCB, PLCB, PVG8I, PLCB, POWER, PRA100M3 IGPL IGPU SSIP Type: PE3188/30 Controller 1: MCCB, HRDS, MDAC, MDAC, MDAC, MDAC, REF/U, MIB, DSC, CTB2, HVG/D, MOB AVA Controller Charge neutralization controller Main power supply Spicer consulting field cancelling system STP (STP-301/451) 3COM HUB H.V Power supply IGPL IEC3 Delta power supply IEC PD-7 Driver box Power supply: SM7020D (Delta power supply stage) Main body: Column unit: IGPU, IGPL Long life LMIS Gas injection system Load lock Controller card cadge STP451C Turbo pump AC Pump power supply & pump I/F Module Cover set.


    Ion Milling systems Rotating stage Requires clamping fixture to hold 4" wafer Hot tungsten wire neutralizer (front) Operation Semi-automatic Voltage 200V 3 Phases Process Chamber 304 Stainless Steel Ultimate Vacuum 1.0E-6 torr Sample Size 2" - 4"(7 pieces) Process Angle -90° to +90° (Motor-driven) Fixture rotation Yes Fixture cooling Chiller Ion Source Kaufman Ion Source Process Gas Argon with MFC control Filament Cathode Tungsten Filament Ion Gun Power Supply WELL 5100 (Japan) Ion Gun Max Power 1000V Ion Gun Max Current 800mA Grid Assembly Molybdenum High Vacuum Pump Varian VHS-10 Diffusion pump(5300 l/s) Low Vacuum Pump Leybold D30A Gauge Controller Granville Phillips 307 Stage capable of handling 7 wafers The ion source controller has been upgraded to Well 5200 1994 vintage.

    Ion beam system with transformer.
  • FEI 825i

    FEI: 825i

    Ion beam inspection tool, 8" EDX is not working Currently de-installed Cables intact 1998 vintage.
  • FEI Helios NanoLab 600

    FEI: Helios NanoLab 600

    Dual beam Focused Ion Beam system (FIB) Without loadlock With regular stub sample holder Process: Xsection preparation / Imaging Pre-pump with chiller Missing parts / Accessories: High voltage power supply for e-beam defect 2009 vintage.
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