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  • K&S: 1471

    Wire bonders.
  • K&S 4124

    K&S: 4124

    Gold wire ball bonder with LWD microscope Power requirement: 120V, 60Hz, 70VA Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4 Microscope (0.7X to 3.0X) Heated workholder Microscope is set up with an E-Arm Extender, a pair of 20x eyepieces and a 0.5x Lens.
  • HYBOND 572-22-30

    HYBOND: 572-22-30

    Thermosonic wedge wire bonder Microscope Heated workholder.
  • ESEC 3006 F/X

    ESEC: 3006 F/X

    Ball bonders Tower Light Monitor Microscope Eye Piece L/R Bondhead Camera EFO Assembly Wire Clamp Onloader Offloader Work Holder Power Supply Many available 1997 vintage.
  • HUGHES 2470-5
  • K&S 472
  • WESTBOND 5700-26C-34A-43A 44A 55-58-50-53-56
  • DAGE: 2400 PC-BS500G

    Ball shear load cell.
  • HITACHI: LM-500

    Die bonder, 1998 vintage.
  • K&S 1488 PLUS

    K&S: 1488 PLUS

    Bonders De-installed 1989 vintage.
  • ASM EAGLE 60

    ASM: EAGLE 60

    Wire bonders with vertical LED Specifications: Bonding system: Bonding method: thermosonic (TS) BQM mode: constant current, voltage, power and normal (programmable) Loop type: normal, low, square, penta, J, VLED, FLEX XY resolution: 0.2µm Z resolution (capillary traveling motion): 0.4µm Fine pitch capability: 35µm pitch at 0.6 mil wire No. of bonding wires: up to 3000 Program storage: 1000 programs on hard disk Multimode transducer system: programmable profile, control and vibration modes Vision system: Pattern recognition time: 60 ms/point Pattern recognition accuracy: ± 0.37µm Lead locator detection: 12 ms/lead (3 leads/frame) Lead locator accuracy: ± 2.4 µm Post bond inspection: first bond, second bond and wire tracing Maximum die level different: 400 to 500µm Material handling system: Indexing speed: 200 to 250ms at 0.5" pitch Indexer resolution: 1µm Lead frame position accuracy: ± 2 mil Applicable lead frame: W: 24 to 73mm at bonding area in Y = 65mm 24 to 90mm at bonding area in Y = 48mm L: 280mm (magazine) T: 0.075 to 0.8mm Applicable magazine: W: 98mm (maximum) L: 140 to 280mm H: 180mm (magazine) Magazine pitch: 2.4 to 10mm (0.09" to 0.39") Device changeover: < 4 minutes Package changeover: < 5 minutes Number of buffer magazines: 3 (maximum 435mm) Does not include a Cu kit for Cu wire bonding 2002 to 2005 vintage.
  • DAGE: BT-22 LOC6

    Wire-bound test module, 5kg.
  • ASM: AB 356

    Wire bonder.
  • HUGHES / PALOMAR: 2470

    Wedge / Wire bonders.
  • WESTBOND 7400A

    WESTBOND: 7400A

    Wire bonders Set up for 1 mil gold wire Option available: Olympus microscope Includes: WESTBOND generator GRAM force display Bausch and Lomb 4 microscope with fluorescent illuminator, 10x eyepieces and ultrasonic power supply 60º or 45º Bonding tool as transducer as feed Adjustable clamps Standard world holder Heated work holder microscope Manual scopes and lights Manual.
  • MECH-EL 909

    MECH-EL: 909

    Wedge bonder.
  • K&S: 8028

    Wire Bonders Many available 2000 vintage.

    Bonder No scope.
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