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  • AIST-NT CombiScope 1000

    AIST-NT: CombiScope 1000

    Scanning probe microscope AFM Laser: 1300 nm TOKYO INSTRUMENTS Nanofinder 30 Raman optical system: Light for TERS Digital controller Measuring modes: Contact AFM in air Semicontact AFM in air Non-contact AFM Phase imaging Lateral force microscopy (LFM) Force modulation Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) Kelvin Probe (Surface potential microscopy) Capacitance and electric force microscopy (EFM) Force curve measurements Piezo response force microscopy Nanolithography Nanomanipulation Scanner: Scanning range: 100um x 100um x 20um (+/-10%) Scanning range: 200um x 200um x 20um (+/-10%) Scanning type: Sample XY Non-linearity: 0.05% Z Non-linearity: 0.05% Noise level: 0.1nm RMS in XY dimension in 100Hz bandwidth With capacitance sensors on 0.02nm RMS in XY dimension in 100Hz bandwidth With capacitance sensors off <0.1nm RMS Z capacitance sensor in 1000Hz bandwidth Digital closed loop control: X, Y, Z Axes Active elimination of XY phase lag Overshooting and ringing results in fast scanning Without any dynamic image distortion Base: Manual sample positioning: Range: 25 x 25 mm Positioning resolution: 1um Motorized SPM measuring head positioning: 1.6 x 1.6mm Positioning resolution: 1um Motorized approach: 1.3 mm Sample holder for standard slides and cover glasses Sample holders: Maximum sample size: 50.8 x 50.8 mm Height: 5 mm With capability measuring area: 25 x 25 mm in any quadrant of 50.8 x 50.8 mm area / In center of sample Maximum sample size: Upto 100 mm width Length: More than 100 mm Height: Up to 15 mm With capability to measuring area: 25 x 25 mm in any part of center cross With width: 25 mm AFM Head HE001: Laser wavelength: 1300nm No registration laser influence on biological sample No registration laser influence on photovoltaic measurements Registration system noise: <0.03nm Fully motorized: (4) Stepper motors for cantilever and photodiode automated alignment Free access to the probe for additional external manipulators and probes Top and side simultaneous optical access With planapochromat objectives: (10x, NA=0.28 and 20x, NA=0.42) AFM Head HE002: Laser wavelength: 1300nm No registration laser influence on biological sample No registration laser influence on photovoltaic measurements Registration system noise: <0.1nm Fully motorized: (4) Stepper motors for cantilever and photodiode automated alignment Free access to the probe for additional external manipulators and probes Top and side simultaneous optical access With planapochromat objectives (100x, NA=0.7 and 10x, NA=0.28) Optical access: With AFM head HE001: Capability to use simultaneously top and side planapochromat objectives (10x, NA=0.28 and 20x, NA=0.42) Field of view: From 900m - 140m Optical resolution: 1m Bottom optical access with dry and immersion objective With AFM head HE002: Capability to use simultaneously top and side planapochromat objectives (100x, NA=0.7 and 10x, NA=0.28) Field of view: From 100m - 50m Optical resolution: 0.4m Maximum side planapochromat objectives: 20x, NA=0.42 Bottom optical access With dry and immersion objective Compatibility with inverted optical microscopes No interference With optical imaging due to infrared laser Capability to install on: NIKON: Ti-E, Ti-U, Ti-S, TE2000; OLYMPUS: IX-71, IX-81 Phase contrast, DIC and fluorescent techniques With native optical condenser Upgradeability to OmegaScope for spectroscopic and TERS operation Numerical aperture: Up to 0.1 Magnification: 19" Monitor With 1/3" CCD: From 85x - 1050x Horizontal field of view: From 4.5 - 0.37 mm Stand and coarse / Fine focusing unit Capability to use planapochromat objectives: 10x, NA=0.28 20x, NA=0.42 100x, NA=0.7 (Depends on AFM head) Capability to use M plan Apo objective: 10x, NA = 0.28 Magnification: 19" Monitor With 1/3" CCD: 400x - 5300x Horizontal field of view: From 0.96 - 0.07 mm Resolution: Up to 1 um Vibration isolation: Isolation: Dynamic 0.7Hz - 1kHz, beyond 1kHz Size: 400 x 450 x 75mm Controller electronics: Modular fully digital expandable controller DSP 190 MHz USB 2.0 Interface High speed 500 kHz 18-bit ADC 20 Channels 5 MHz frequency range registration system (2) Lock-in amplifiers Frequency range: 5 MHz (6) Digital Generators: 32–bit Frequency range: 5 MHz Resolution: 0.01 Hz HV Amplifiers: -5 +120V, 0.4 ppm HV noise AC, DC Bias voltage: -10, +10V Frequency range: 2 MHz (7) Stepper motors control Digital inputs / Outputs for integration With external equipment Analog input / Outputs for integration With external equipment Computer: High performance computer Intel Core 2 Duo RAM: 1GB 500GB HDD DVD R/W (2) 19" LCD monitors S-video capture card Operation system: Windows XP.
  • AMBIOS / QUESANT Q-Scope 250

    AMBIOS / QUESANT: Q-Scope 250

    Atomic force microscope (AFM) 2007 vintage.

    Microscope Dual view scope 7,10,15,20,25 power Side by side viewing 35" separation 10 X eyepieces.
  • BAUSCH & LOMB 300X

    BAUSCH & LOMB: 300X

    Assembly and maintenance workstation Microscope: Bosch & Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 Micromanipulator: Rucker and Kolls Extended Micropositioner - probe holder Light source: microscope mounted wraparound fluorescent hood.
  • BAUSCH & LOMB Microzoom
  • BAUSCH & LOMB Microzoom

    BAUSCH & LOMB: Microzoom

    Microscope XY Movement.
  • BAUSCH & LOMB Stereo Zoom 3

    BAUSCH & LOMB: Stereo Zoom 3

    with eyepieces, stands, etc All but one are zoom (0.7 - 3.0X) The other is 2X fixed magnification Have the focusing mounts for each scope (plus a couple extra) Some of these are set up to allow rotation of the scope and some are fixed Have 5 sets of B&L 15X oculars There are 2 sets of Edmund Scientific 10X oculars There are 3 sets of unbranded 10X oculars There are 3 sets of B&L 10X oculars There are 12 "doublers" These are lenses that screw into the bottom of the scope that halve the magnification but double the working distance, All are from Edmund Scientific Have some original B&L stands but not enough for every scope Also have illuminators complete with transformers Most items are over 20 years old Also available for use with these scopes is a POLAROID MicroCam camera Remove one of the oculars from the scope and insert the camera to take photos It includes a power supply, manual, ocular adapter and a supply of Polaroid Type 337 film (over 140pcs).
  • BAUSCH & LOMB Stereo Zoom 4

    BAUSCH & LOMB: Stereo Zoom 4

    Microscope (10) Eyepieces Zoom range: 0.7-3.0 With boomstand LEICA Model: 13410311 Illuminator fiberoptic lights, 120V, 30Watt Floating (PP handles) pin gauge set with holding rack Various tabletop microscopes 18" & 24" Calipers Eye loops for inspection and quality control.
  • BAUSCH & LOMB: Stereo Zoom 5

    Microscope, 10X, 15X, 20X eyepieces, can be configured to buyer's requirements.
  • BAUSCH & LOMB: Stereo Zoom 7

    Mircroscope 10x eyepieces Zoom Range: 0.7 - 3.0.

    Confocal imager without binocular, demo unit EMC2 camera package CARV II Confocal head Controller/ Touch pad 8 Position Excitation wheel 5 Position Dichroic wheel 8 Position Emission wheel White light FRAP module Single DAPI, E-GFP & TEX RED filter set Configuration: Encoded Focus Drive Systems: Nikon TE2000 Standard focus drive that clamps onto the coarse and drives the fine focus with encoder probe with mounting bracket kit Requires –E option on H30 controller Includes focus coupler kit and focus sleeve NIKON TE2000 focus sleeve Digipot, Z axis Stand alone controllers: Controller with (3) Stepper Drives Z Focus and (2) or (3) Filter Wheels Includes (3) Shutter Drives and Encoder Input MetaMorph basic software: Does not include acquisition options, device drivers or optional drop-ins Options: Photometrics acquisition option Multidimensional Acquisition/Viewer Option: Drop-in for multiparameter (time, wavelength, z-series, stage position) acquisition and viewing MetaMorph Confocal Control Option: Device Driver Options for MetaMorph Premier and Basic (not available for MetaVue) Z-Axis Focus Device Option: Controls PIFOC / ASI / Ludl / Marzhauser / Prior / Nikon / Leica / Olympus / Zeiss Z-axis focus device Includes digital auto-focus, 3D Reconstruction and Orthogonal View Camera options: Rolera EM-C2 Monochrome 14 bit EMCCD camera Cameras Include: 1394 FireWire-B cable 9-pin to 9-pin 1394B FireWire PCI-Express Card QCapture Suite software for PC and MAC.
  • JEOL JWS-7505

    JEOL: JWS-7505

    Transmission electron microscope.
  • HORIBA XGT-5000

    HORIBA: XGT-5000

    X-Ray analytical microscope 2006 vintage.
  • KOZO: XJM700

    Metallurgical microscope Seidentopf trinocular head, inclined at 45° WF10X/20, High eye-point up to 21mm. Plan Achromatic10X,20X, LWD Plan Achromatic 50X,80X Quintuple Nosepiece Blue green yellow filter 0.5X C-mount 12V 50W halogen lamp.
  • KRUSS DSA 100S

    KRUSS: DSA 100S

    Drop shape analyzer Automated contact angle & analysis system Camera with frame grabber Prism for standard sample sizes Manual drive X, Y, Z sample stage Standards for calibration: CP25: Pendant drop gauge 1 & 2 CP23: Contact angle gauge 4, 5, 6 IC Camera (25FPS) with frame grabber CM 3200 Camera module with manual zoom and focus Prism for standard sample sizes & PDA CM 3250 Halogen lamp / Socket IL3211 Z-Axis PS3202 2 X/Y Axis manual drive: 100mm PS3210 Standard sample stage: ST3200 DS3210 Single direct dosing system includes: NM3210 EM3200 D03210 24 Volt power module Special interconnect cable & BNC video cable Power sample holder for sessile drop method P/N: ST03 Power sample holder - small volume P/N: ST-GP Horizontal axes: Manual X, Y & Z axes Dosing unit: Single dosing unit Lens: Manual focus & zoom setting (7-Times) Camera system: Connection: USB 3.0 CF03: 150 fps at 1200 x 1200 px 500 fps at 1200 x 350 px 800 fps at 1200 x 200 px 2000 fps at 1200 x 60 px CF06: Up to 3400 fps at 640 x 50 px Dark noise: CF3: 7 Electrons CF06: 10.5 Electrons Dynamic range: CF03: 73 dB CF06: 56.6 dB Optics: Focus: Manual Zoom: 7x Zoom, manual View angle: CF03: 3.9 mm x 3.9 mm to 24.7 mm x 24.7 mm CF06: 1.7 mm x 1.3 mm to 10.8 mm x 8.1 mm Resolution: CF03: 3.1 to 21.7 μm CF06: 2.5 to 17.8 μm Illumination: Type: High power monochromatic LED Wave length, dominant: 470 nm Field light: 46 mm x 46 mm (D x H) Dosing system: Syringes, volume: Glass (450 μL), disposable (900 mL) Resolution: 0.1 μL With glass syringe Speed: 10 to 1400 μL/min Double pressure dosing system: Cartridge, volume: Disposable (1 mL) Resolution: 0.1 μL Speed: Fixed Stage: X-Axis: Length: 100mm Resolution: 16 mm/turn Y-Axis: Control: Manual Length: 100 mm Resolution: 2 mm/turn Z-Axis: Length: 38 mm Resolution: 16 mm/turn Measuring specification: Sessile drop / Captive bubble: Result: Contact angle Model: Conic section, polynom, circle, young-laplace, height-width Temperature control: Devices: Temperature-controlled sample stage, chambers, cuvette Type: Liquid, electrical, PELTIER Range: -30°C to 400°C (With temperature chamber TC40 to TC21) Maximum sample space: With temperature chamber TC11: 132 mm x 132 mm x 27 mm (W x D x H) Resolution: 0.1 K External circulator with liquid Inert gas Temperature measurement: Range: -50 to 400°C Resolution: 0.1°C Precision: 0.1°C Accuracy: 1/3 DIN B(±0.1°C at 0°C to ±0.8°C at 400°C) External sensor: (2) Connectors (PT100) retrofittable Location: Sample stage, chamber, cuvette Housing & peripherals: Compartment: Test liquids protected against light Needle protection shield Camera and optics housing Levelling Environment: Temperature: 10 to 40°C Humidity without condensation Interfaces: PC: USB 3.0 Power supply: Voltage: 88 to 264 V Power consumption: 100W Frequency: 50 to 60Hz 2007 vintage.
  • KEYENCE: BL-210

    Microscope 2002 vintage.
  • KEYENCE VH-7000

    KEYENCE: VH-7000

    Digital HD microscope.
  • KEYENCE: VH-8000

    Digital HF microscope.
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