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  • GCA: 3600F

    Pattern generator.
  • TAMARACK: 142

    Contact Printers with manuals.
  • TAMARACK 152

    TAMARACK: 152

    Mask alignment and exposure system.
  • ETEC: Mebes 4500

    TFE Power supply P/N: 756-4810.
  • ETEC: Mebes 4500

    Data prep Controller: Sun ultra Enterprise 2.
  • ETEC: Mebes 4500

    Qualstart tape drive P/N: 758-015600 900031.
  • ETEC Mebes 4500-5500

    ETEC: Mebes 4500-5500

    Thermal field emission (TFE) gun Includes (2) Ion pumps.


    Laser system Photo masks Flat display: 4” to 28” Square With level 40 lens Missing parts.
  • ORIEL: 8405

    Photomask printer.
  • DAVID MANN / GCA 3696

    DAVID MANN / GCA: 3696

    Photo repeater Faulty stage.
  • ETEC Mebes 4500-5500

    ETEC: Mebes 4500-5500

    Thermal field emission (TFE) gun P/N: 612-0754-009, Rev A With zirconiated tungsten zr/o/w filament 360 MHz Currently de-installed.

    TAMARACK: 161B

    Printed circuit board exposure system Specifications: Semi-automatic machine Used to provide rapid and precise alignment of large PCB panels Components: Panel alignment / exposure station Collimated illuminator Pneumatic valves Sequencer Alignment / exposure station: Provides the facilities for aligning the P.C.B. panel with respect to the artwork and providing vacuum contact for exposure Mylar cover frame is hinged toward the rear of the machine to allow raising of the frame for changing the panel and artwork Collimated illuminator: Provides a condensed beam of ultra-violet light of uniform intensity for use in exposing the panel Shutter within the illuminator opens for a preset interval to accomplish the exposure (2) modes of exposure control are available to operate the shutter: constant time and constant energy Constant time is set in on the exposure time in seconds In the constant energy mode, exposure energy in millijoules per centimeter squared (mJ / cm) is set on the exposure energy thumbpot Light source for the collimated illuminator: high pressure mercury arc lamp mounted in a forced air cooled housing Housing is designed to contain and withstand lamp explosion Lamp is positioned near the first focus of an ellipsoidal reflector (3) Thumbscrews provide the means of moving the lamp along the X, Y, and Z axes in order to obtain the proper lamp position Ellipsoidal reflector directs the reflected light toward a distant second focus thus avoiding the possibility of lamp damage due to reflection of energy onto critical parts of the lamp Ultra-violet light from the ellipsoidal reflector is turned twice to reach a second focus located at the lenticular integrator Dichroic mirrors which turn the ultra-violet light pass most visible light and infra-red energy which are thus dissipated as heat within the lamp house and exhausted out of the system Lenticular integrator, located at the second focus of the ellipsoidal reflector, collects the ultra-violet energy and directs it toward the collimating mirror in such a manner as to approximate a point source of light Mirror collimates the light from the integrator so as to form a beam of light exhibiting uniform intensity over its beam width Shutter which controls panel exposure is located just ahead of the lenticular integrator An associated panel switch provides the means of holding this shutter open for the purpose of lamp intensity and focus adjustments or placing it under the control of the digital timer or integrating exposure controller during panel exposure Panel size: 19" x 25" Pneumatic panel: Located inside the machine above the side control panel Panel supplies air pressure and vacuum to all air operated systems through the machine Solenoid valves are operated on 24V DC and controlled from the sequencer and pushbuttons Sequencer: Control of the 161B is accomplished by a Mitsubishi programmable controller located on the pneumatic panel Manual switch panel is also mounted on the pneumatic panel Side control panel: Used to start and stop all functions of the machine Main power contactor enable Lamp ignitor Lamp exhaust temperature, alarm and lamp meter (resettable) Machine control power Front control panel: Timer and integrating exposure control switch are used to pick the mode of exposure If the machine is used in the time mode, the exposure time in seconds must be set When constant exposure energy is required, the IEC will measure the quantity of energy at the panel / exposure plane and control the shutter to maintain the same exposure energy independent of light intensity Bullnose: Contains a light table to aid alignment of the artwork to the substrate The start cycle switches must be actuated simultaneously to begin print drawer movement Top and bottom vacuum switches, gauges, emergency off switch and final cycle switches are also on the bullnose.
  • ETEC: Mebes 3

    mask pattern generation systems with HTM.
  • ETEC: Mebes 4500

    Super flash HTM Module P/N: 758-310000 756-311001.


    Mask repair system 1988 vintage.
  • ETEC: Mebes 4500

    Electron beam control module P/N: 756-300001 756-300002.
  • TAMARACK 142

    TAMARACK: 142

    Photomask printer.
  • TAMARACK: 152

    Single sided mask aligner, 6" (25) Microns resolution.
  • TAMARACK: 162

    Mask aligner Single and double sided.
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