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iBond 5000
ID: 293645809
Wire bonder.
K&S iBond 5000 is an advanced bonder designed to meet the precise, high speed production bonding needs of modern manufacturing applications. Built with an advanced controller equipment, iBond 5000 offers superior performance and precise bond control, allowing for precise process control of the bonding process. The controller system allows for precise temperature and pressure control to ensure consistent and uniform bond results. K&S iBond 5000 utilizes a high power radio frequency (RF) heating element to heat the together components of the bond. The precise control of the temperature, pressure and time components allow for superior bonding performance, which makes it ideal for a large variety of applications. IBond 5000 also has a high-speed and accurate Bead Board Placement Unit, which can accurately place pre-determined bead lines in high-speed production. K&S iBond 5000 also features an advanced Open Frame Technology which enables easy fitting of the bonder for easy loading and unloading of the materials in the manufacturing line. It also utilizes advanced vacuum systems, which sounds to securely and safely handle and transfer parts. This also makes the machine suitable for use in delicate assembly processes, while maintaining precise control over the tool. In addition to its performance capabilities, iBond 5000 is also just as easy to use. With the touch of a button, K&S iBond 5000 can be fully programmed and preset in minutes, allowing for more efficient operation and throughput. The user interface is also intuitive and user friendly, allowing for simple and straightforward operation. The large LCD panel makes it easy to monitor parameters and settings, while the large LED indicators provide confirmation that the correct parameters have been met. All in all, iBond 5000 offers superior bond performance, long-term stability and precise temperature, pressure and time control for manufacturing lines. With its robust design, superior performance and easy operations, K&S iBond 5000 is the ideal solution for a wide variety of production settings and applications.
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