Used ORTHODYNE M 360B #293652946 for sale

M 360B
ID: 293652946
Vintage: 1991
Wire bonder 1991 vintage.
ORTHODYNE M 360B is a high-precision, advanced bonding equipment that is used for a variety of applications such as gold wire bonding, gold ribbon bonding and flip chip attaching. The unit includes the latest technology in bonders and controllers, providing unparalleled precision and performance. M 360B combines a high-performance BondHead with advanced controllers to provide a fully automated system. The BondHead features a built-in vision unit that captures images of the bond area quickly, allowing for greater accuracy and repeatability. The vision machine also reads marks for easy alignment, increasing the speed and accuracy of the bonding process. The TouchSense™ controller uses an intuitive touch-screen interface to allow for easy control of the tool. ORTHODYNE M 360B is also highly versatile, with a wide range of configurations available to meet specific customer needs. This includes a variety of tooling and fixtures, as well as an Acceler-Feed™ feeder that automates the loading of gold wire or gold ribbon for increased production speed. In addition to high-precision gold wire bonding, the asset is also capable of performing gold ribbon and flip chip attaching. Furthermore, M 360B features a pause model that allows operators to safely pause the cycle and make adjustments or repairs before continuing. The equipment also includes Intelligent Job Tracking that identifies mis-bonds, enabling operators to quickly and efficiently identify and correct any errors. The M-Model software is also included to provide real-time monitoring and reporting of the bond system's performance. ORTHODYNE M 360B bonder is designed to provide users with accurate, high-precision results in a wide range of applications, while ensuring reliability and speed. Its advanced technology and customizable configuration makes it the perfect choice for any bonding application.
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