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M 360C
ID: 293645656
Wire bonder.
ORTHODYNE M 360C is a fully automated, programmable, and highly efficient bonding equipment specializing in bonded forming and dicing. This system is designed for precision dicing and bonding of silicon or III-V VII and ceramic wafers up to 8" in diameter. ORTHODYNE M360C features a high-accuracy robotic loading mechanism which is capable of positioning a pre-painted wafer surface at the correct position within .04 mm and .02 degrees. Also, a fully integrated vacuum ring is used to grip the wafer surface while a micro-contoured air knife maintains cleanliness and wetting of both substrates as they are brought together. The terminal bond head forms and cures the glass-ceramic epoxy band resulting in a quality bond with no additional manual intervention. M360 C is used to form uniform, high-quality bonds while providing an extremely fast cycle time. This unit can bond up to 1000 wafers per hour and is capable of forming and dicing both conventional single layers and multi-layered stacks. M360C offers high-reliability as it features software back-up systems and is covered by a warranty and service program. Utilizing the MMS software, ORTHODYNE M 360 C features remote diagnostics and other features which provide enhanced security. The MMS software also allows users to easily upload programs from their networked computers and increases machine uptime significantly. To ensure optimal results, M 360C utilizes advanced monitoring systems which monitor the bond head velocity and time, along with adhesive calculations for each wafer. The data that is collected ensures increased bond-quality consistency over a wide range of wafer types. M 360 C is equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface that makes programming, set-up, and operation easier than ever. This machine provides an intuitive display where users can quickly navigate programs, adjust machine settings, and view process parameters. In conclusion, ORTHODYNE M360 C offers advanced automated process control, versatile operating capabilities, and dust-free operation - making it an optimal choice for businesses seeking efficient and high-quality bonded wafer processing.
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