Used LAM RESEARCH 2080 #157418 for sale

ID: 157418
Chillers Flat front.
LAM RESEARCH 2080 chiller equipment is a recirculating, heat exchanger that is engineered to deliver superior thermal control in semiconductor and other Industrial applications. It is designed to provide superior performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in critical cooling applications. LAM RESEARCH 20/80 utilizes a closed cooling loop with a regenerative heat exchanger to manage process temperatures and protect sensitive components from accidental or excessive temperature variations. Its refrigerant-based cooling system is designed to operate at cool temperatures, ensuring the unit can maintain desired cool temperatures for longer periods of time. The machine is designed with a vertical half-pump layout, which helps simplify the piping tool and improves operational reliability. For increased operational efficiency, 2080 also features advanced control technology, including a thermoelectric refrigeration module and a microprocessor-based control asset. The advanced control model monitors the thermal environment within the equipment, providing continuous feedback to ensure optimal cooling performance. It also uses a predictive engine to proactively identify potential thermal issues before they can become a problem. Additionally, the system includes a robust set of monitoring and diagnostic tools to help troubleshoot potential problems. 20/80 is designed to be easily serviceable, so minor maintenance and repair can be handled quickly and without a costly service call. It is typically installed in a fully enclosed cabinet, providing protection from particulate contamination, damage and unauthorized access. LAM RESEARCH 2080 provides precision cooling in a range of industrial applications, such as cooling components in laser systems, medical equipment, and manufacturing processes. It offers efficient cooling capacity for both liquid and vapors, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings in any application.
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