Used LAM RESEARCH 2080 #84149 for sale

ID: 84149
LAM RESEARCH 2080 is a recirculating chiller, designed to optimize temperature management in a variety of applications. This high efficiency heat exchanger utilizes a unique, compact design that enables users to achieve optimal cooling of electronics, industrial processes, and cooling baths. LAM RESEARCH 20/80 features a polypropylene core construction, allowing for maximum heat dissipation and a low-profile design for easy operation in confined spaces. The unique core design within 2080 is comprised of spirally-wound polypropylene micro-tubes. This provides increased surface area for maximum heat transfer, allowing for efficient cooling. Additionally, 20/80 is designed with a corrosion-resistant interior and exterior, in order to better protect components during operation. LAM RESEARCH 2080 features two separate circuits. The first is a cooling water circuit, which is exclusively dedicated to the heat-exchange portion of the system. This isolates the heat exchange process from the operating environment, enabling maximum efficiency. The second circuit is the chiller's refrigerant circulation circuit, which allows for efficient and efficient cooling of any environment. LAM RESEARCH 20/80 operates by circulating a coolant, typically water, though its heat exchange coils. This process begins when the coolant and refrigerant are introduced through the inlet and outlet ports, respectively. As the coolant passes over the coils, it absorbs and then dissipates the heat from the external environment into the coils. As the heat is dissipated, the temperature of the fluid drops drastically and the refrigerant continues to flow to maintain the coolant at a desired temperature. 2080 is a powerful, energy and space-efficient heat exchanger. Its highly efficient design and maintenance-friendly operation make it a versatile, reliable, and efficient solution for cooling applications. This highly efficient, low-profile model is an ideal option for cooling industrial and electronics processes.
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