Used LAM RESEARCH 2080 #9019814 for sale

ID: 9019814
Chiller Sloped front.
LAM RESEARCH 2080 is a recirculating chiller and heat exchanger that is ideal for a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. This unit features an efficient design, allowing for the heating and cooling of liquids and of entire systems, such as process tanks and analytical instrumentation. It is capable of operating with as few as three pumps, and is able to maintain stable temperatures even while transferring large amounts of heat. LAM RESEARCH 20/80 is constructed of a durable stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It is designed to operate between −30°C and 140°C, ensuring a high degree of temperature control. A high-quality direct expansion system is equipped to provide the highest accuracy in temperature control, while the optional 0.1°C monitoring and alarm allows for precise control over the systems' ability to maintain a steady temperature range. 2080 is able to maintain temperature stability by means of a recirculating flow loop and high-efficiency heat exchanger. The unit features a double-stage exchange system, allowing for even heat exchange over the entire heat exchanger surface and to both heat and cool the incoming liquid. The unit also features an integrated thermometer, allowing for accurate temperature readings at any time. 20/80 has multiple support components that can be customized to meet special requirements. Additional pumps, tanks, and potentially sensors can be added for improved control over the system. Furthermore, the chiller can be set up for flexible, automated operation. LAM RESEARCH 2080 is a reliable, durable, and highly efficient chiller and heat exchanger designed to meet the most stringent laboratory and industrial applications. Equipped with a range of customization options, LAM RESEARCH 20/80 brings superior temperature control to complex systems.
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