Used LAM RESEARCH 2080 #9253038 for sale

ID: 9253038
LAM RESEARCH 2080 is a powerful and intelligent chiller which uses recirculating heat exchange technology to reduce the operating temperature of critical components in semiconductor processing equipment and other industrial applications. LAM RESEARCH 20/80 features a cascade-controlled, recirculating heat exchanger, which can cool up to four distinct components. It is equipped with a set of pre-programmed temperature and speed control parameters for optimized efficiency and energy savings. Its recirculation rate can range from 2.5 to 12 gal/min, depending on the process which is being cooled. The chiller also offers a unique temperature ramp rate control feature which allows for more efficient and accurate temperature management. 2080 is capable of handling complex process water conditions, such as rapid and gradual temperature changes, thermal shocks, high viscosity and corrosive media. With its stainless steel components and durable construction, it is capable of handling extreme temperatures and varying pressures while still maintaining optimal performance. For added convenience, 20/80 utilizes a display which accurately visualizes a range of process variables, including temperature, pressure, flow and current levels. LAM RESEARCH 2080 includes an intuitive control package and is compatible with most systems, allowing for remote monitoring and control. It is highly energy efficient, using digitally controlled variable-frequency drives to ensure that power consumption is kept to a minimum. This helps reduce operational costs and improves system performance, making LAM RESEARCH 20/80 an ideal choice for critical processes in various industrial applications.
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