COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC / VEECO is a leading producer of advanced materials, semiconductor processes, and equipment solutions. The company has a rich history dating back several decades, with a strong commitment to innovation and technological advancements. One of the notable products offered by COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC / VEECO is ion milling systems. These systems utilize a directed beam of ions to precisely remove material from a sample's surface, resulting in high-quality thin films. With the ability to control the ion energy, angle, and beam profile, these systems provide excellent accuracy and a wide range of applications. The company also specializes in photoresist processing systems, essential for photolithography in the semiconductor industry. These systems are designed to deposit and develop photoresist coatings on substrates, providing the necessary pattern to create intricate semiconductor structures. COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC / VEECO's photoresist systems combine reliable performance, process control, and high throughput. Sputtering systems are another core product of COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC / VEECO. These systems are utilized for thin film deposition, applying metallic or compound layers onto different substrates. The company's sputtering systems offer excellent uniformity, high deposition rates, and exceptional film quality, making them ideal for various industries such as electronics, optics, and solar panels. However, COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC / VEECO's product portfolio goes beyond ion milling, photoresist, and sputtering systems. They also offer a wide array of other equipment and solutions, including atomic force microscopes, gas and environmental monitoring systems, optical profilers, and metrology tools. These products further demonstrate the company's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for diverse scientific and industrial applications.