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ID#: 155754 Manufacturer: TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Model: ALPHA 8S Category: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Equipment Details: Furnace, 8"
Process: Poly
Safety specification: TEL Standard
System paint color: Biege white
System power rating:
AC200V, 3P / AC100V, 1P

Loading configuration:
(4) Loaders / (127) Wafer slots
Process pressure (Torr): Low pressure
Process temperature: 600º C
FTP Heater: Installed
Rapid cooling unit: Installed
Heater type: VOS-40-017

Process gases:
Process gas MFC 1,2,3,4: N2
Process gas MFC 5, 6: SiH4
Process gas MFC 7, 8, 9: PH3

Gas system:
Filter: MOTT Pou-20S-SV2, Ni
Air valve: FUJIKIN: Diaphragm type
Mega-mini and block

MFC: STEC SEC-74 Series
Check valve: FUJIKIN O-Ring seal type
Hand valve: FUJIKIN: Diaphragm type
Regulator: VERIFLO SQ Series
Pressure transducer: NAGANO ZT 17

Joint: Gasket type: Pure nickel type
Piping material: SUS316L Up tube
Piping working method: Welding
Welding methods: Automatic welding

Gas exhaust system:
Dry pump: EBARA A150W-T
Main valve: MKS 172-1080P
Vacuum gauge: MKS Baratron sensor normal type

JIS Method

Piping material: SUS316BA, stainless steel
APC: MKS 253B-3-80-2, butterfly valve
VG1: 0 to 10 Torr, Normal type
VG2: 0 to 1000 Torr, Normal type
VG3: ULVAC GP-2A, Pirani gauge

Sealing method: End point sealing
Material: SUS316L Stainless steel

Gas port: 3/8" Ultra torr
Inner T/C port: 20DAI Ultra torr
Exhaust port: 3 DIA
Cooling method: Water cooling

Safety Interlock:
Gas flow low MFC:
Too low gas flow
Alarm: > 5%
Abort: ± 10%

Gas flow high MFC:
Too high gas flow
Alarm: > 5%
Abort: ± 10%

Low PCW flow:
No PCW supply
Alarm: > 3min
Abort: > 5min
Heater break down: > 7min

PCW Leak detection: Alarm

Process heater over temperature:
Chamber over heat
Heater break down: > 3 sec

Furnace area over temperature: Alarm
Heater break down: > 3 sec

SCR Area over temperature: Alarm
Heater break down: > 3 sec

Interruption of electric power: Alarm
Abort: < 3 sec

Heater break down: > 3 sec
Gas flow sequence: Alarm
Pump off: Alarm
Pump trouble: Alarm
Pressure low (reactor tube pressure): Alarm
Pressure high (reactor tube pressure): Alarm

Leak check (reactor tube pressure):
Main valve off delay: 10 min
Abort: > 20mTorr

Currently warehoused
1997 vintage.
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