Used ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation 2560 #9231719 for sale

ID: 9231719
RF Generator P/N: 3150295-005.
ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation 2560 is a high-performance electronic test equipment which is designed to help engineers, technicians, and researchers evaluate their electronic components and systems. This equipment offers high-frequency AC probing capabilities, a programmable AC supply, and advanced power electronics testing functions, providing a single comprehensive platform for all electronic system testing and troubleshooting needs. Ovation 2560 is part of the Ovation Series of electronic test equipment, developed by ADVANCED ENERGY in order to enable reliable, dynamic, and accurate evaluation of needed test parameters. ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation 2560 includes some of the most advanced capabilities and features available for electronic test equipment, including: a wide frequency range of measurement from 10 Hz to 25 MHz; programmable AC supply which helps ensure precise control of AC parameters; high-frequency AC probing capabilities to capture subtle and infrequent changes in the system; multiple internal signal inputs and output channels for testing higher level signals; and a multichannel data storage for convenience in collecting and analyzing data. Ovation 2560 also includes industry-standard features such as a stability monitor and a display panel with up to eight independent displays. ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation 2560's testing capabilities cover a range of applications, including components and systems evaluation, failure analysis, and design verification. For example, the device can be used to measure signal rise and fall times, duty cycles, and noise levels. It also enables the measurement of AC parameters such as current, voltage, and frequency at various frequencies, as well as DC parameters such as DC output current and voltage. It further supports the testing of power electronics systems, including real-time dynamic waveform capture of high-frequency AC signals. In addition, Ovation 2560 is highly configurable for different types of electronic tests, with system control and additional advanced features enabled through the use of a Windows-based GUI. This GUI is part of the device's comprehensive software suite, which allows users to customize the testing operations according to the specific requirements of the job. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Ovation 2560 is a powerful platform for the evaluation and troubleshooting of electronic components and systems. It offers a comprehensive range of measurement capabilities, and advanced features which enable precise and accurate operation. With its powerful testing capabilities and its user-friendly GUI, Ovation 2560 provides a flexible and convenient platform for engineers, researchers, and technicians.
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