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ID: 293646020
RF Generator.
ADVANCED ENERGY Paramount 3013 is an electronic test equipment designed to provide precise and accurate measurements of electrical current, voltage, and resistance values. Featuring a robust architecture, the unit is designed to withstand harsh conditions and environments. Paramount 3013 has a large LCD screen with an intuitive menu structure that can be used to customize settings and display readings. It houses two advanced split-core current sensors that measure true RMS AC and DC current values. Both the current sensors feature multi-link taps which allow them to monitor current flows up to 600A AC. The voltage input has a range of 0-600V AC, and can measure peak, average, and true RMS values. It has a selectable internal resistance measuring mode between 0 to 2KΩ, with a resolution of 0.1Ω. ADVANCED ENERGY Paramount 3013 is equipped with full data logging capabilities, allowing data to be saved for later review or analysis. The unit can also be connected to a computer or other device through an Ethernet port to allow remote control. The unit has an advanced error messaging system which ensures that any detected errors or faults are clearly identified, allowing quick and efficient corrective action. Additionally, the unit is designed to self-test on start-up and before and after every measurement cycle in order to ensure consistent measurements. Paramount 3013 is also equipped with a USB port, which laser allows the unit to be connected to a computer for data archiving and remote control. The unit comes with all the necessary connecting leads, and the two current sensors can be connected to any mains supply. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY Paramount 3013 is a reliable, accurate and easy to use piece of electronic test equipment, which is more than capable of providing precise measurements in all kinds of environments.
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