Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66309 #123611 for sale

ID: 123611
Mobile communications DC source.
HP/AGILENT TechnologiesAGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 66309 is an advanced, precision electronic test equipment designed for a range of applications including component and board testing. It is an 5 1/2 digit bench-top digital multi-meter, capable of basic AC/DC measurements like Voltage, Current, Resistance and Capacitance, as well as temperature readouts. It has an impressive data sampling capability with a maximum sample rate of 60 ksps (thousand samples/sec). The device is also equipped with a comparator function allowing the user to set upper and lower limits to be monitored while making measurements. HP 66309 features a voltage range of 600V AC/DC and 2mA of current measurement. It has an impressive accuracy of 0.0024% of reading+ 0.1 count, and 0.1°C temperature resolution. An isolated, high input impedance gives AGILENT 66309 the ability to make measurements with very low input load effects. Besides the basic features, KEYSIGHT 66309 has a number of expansion capabilities. The device offers a serial operate, remote interface that is compatible with Greenlee, Panametrics and Zetron (Model 570) meters. The device also offers a GPIB (General purpose interface bus) Interface allowing it to be connected to compatible computers, controllers or other devices. Other expansion capabilities include a programmable digital output and a two-switch contact closure for automation via comparator trigger. The device has a Tilt Memory store/recall feature which allows the user to store settings in a non-volatile memory and subsequently recall them. Similarly, the Autostore feature allows the user to preset measurement settings as often used and this allows for quick, one-button setting of parameter during test. Finally, HEWLETT-PACKARD 66309 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories including banana plug cables and two probes to assist with making measurements. In conclusion, KEYSIGHT/HEWLETT-PACKARD Technologies66309 is an advanced, precision electronic test equipment specifically designed for component and board testing. Its wide range of features including expansion capabilities such as the GPIB interface and serial operating remote interface allow it to be used in a number of applications. Its impressive accuracy and resolution make it an ideal choice for testing purposes.
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