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Error detector.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 70842A is an electronic test and measurement equipment designed for advanced analysis, signal characterization, and troubleshooting of communication systems. It combines high-performance signal analysis capabilities with a range of advanced measurement and analysis functions, enabling users to quickly and accurately measure various characteristics of signals as well as investigate and identify signal anomalies. HP 70842A contains several different test signal sources and analyzers, including a spectrum analyzer, vector signal analyzer (VSA), power meter, and tracking generator. Its spectrum analyzer has a wide range of frequencies (up to 50GHz) and also utilizes standard measurements such as frequency measurement, amplitude measurement, spectral emission mask testing, and spurious free dynamic range testing. Its VSA has a variety of features designed for digital modulation/demodulation, channelized spectrum analysis, and single-tone communication noise testing. Its power meter is designed for accurately measuring the levels of power present across a wide range of frequencies, and its tracking generator is ideal for complex testing scenarios such as troubleshooting modulated waveform performance. AGILENT 70842A also provides a range of noise figure measurements and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) tests. In addition, it offers a comprehensive set of swept-frequency analysis functions for vector network analysis, as well as one-button spectrum capture, time-domain analysis, and pulse shape measurements. Furthermore, it is equipped with a range of external accessories that allows for extended test capabilities such as system autocalibration, microwave signal transfer loss (STL) and return loss (RL) measurements, as well as various multiport and antenna measurements. KEYSIGHT 70842A test and measurement equipment is an advanced and powerful device, which combines sophisticated features and high-performance capabilities in one compact unit. It provides the user with a range of powerful measurement and analysis functions, allowing them to accurately analyze, characterize, and troubleshoot complex communication signals. Its flexible design and wide range of external accessories also offer extended test abilities that are often needed in cutting-edge research and development.
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