Used DAIHEN DGP-120A2-V #293615333 for sale

ID: 293615333
RF Generator Power supply: 5000 W.
DAIHEN DGP-120A2-V is an electronic test equipment device used to measure and monitor electrical devices, commonly referred to as an oscilloscope. It is a two-channel device with a 5MS/s sampling rate, capable of displaying signals up to 12MHz. It has a 7-inch LCD display, with a maximum resolution of 800x600, for easy streaming and review of data and a window that can be maximized for better visibility. The device is equipped with a vertical system to see the amplitude, frequency and voltage of the signals recorded and can measure both DC and AC parameters. It features a built-in cursor with X-Y mode to enable accurate measurements, and also supports up to 1mV sensitivity and less than 10mV offset. The device supports three basic modes, including Pulse Waveform Detection (PWD), Timer Measurement (TM) and Real-Time QuickMeasure (QMS). In PWD mode it can detect pulse signals, measure depth, period, time and duty cycle, while in TM mode it records the time difference between two waves, pulse period and pulse width. Finally, the QMS mode provides real-time data visualization and data streaming that can be analyzed. Furthermore, it supports three trigger modes, including edge, amplitude and pulse width for precise and stable waveform capture. It is also equipped with a TV synchronous adapter, which enables the device to capture complex signals in real time. Other features include a power band selector and low noise amplifier, which help reduce noise from the measurement signals, and linear or logarithmic mathematic comparisons, which make it easier to analyze waveforms. The device also offers optional built-in LAN, Wi-Fi and USB interfaces for easy connectivity. Overall, DGP-120A2-V is an advanced and fully equipped electronic test equipment device that supports accurate and reliable measurements. It is easy to use and provides high-quality signals that can be easily visualized. It is a great choice for any professional who needs to accurately measure signals.
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