Used SEMIX / TOK (Etchers / Ashers) for sale

Semix / TOK is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality etchers / ashers, designed to meet the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry. These advanced systems offer a range of analogues with different capabilities and features, providing customers with flexible and efficient solutions. One of the advantages of Semix / TOK etchers / ashers is their precision and accuracy in process control. The systems are equipped with advanced technology and control mechanisms that ensure consistent and reliable results. This level of precision is crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, where even the smallest deviation can lead to costly defects. The Semix / TOK etchers / ashers also offer excellent process uniformity. This is achieved through an innovative design that ensures an even distribution of etchants or ashing gases, resulting in consistent results across the entire substrate. This uniformity is essential for achieving high yields and reliable performance in semiconductor devices. Some notable examples of Semix / TOK etchers / ashers include the TSE 306W, TCA 2600, and TCA-3400. The TSE 306W is a versatile etcher that supports various processes such as dry etching, plasma etching, and reactive ion etching. The TCA 2600 is known for its exceptional speed and precision, making it suitable for high-volume production. The TCA-3400, on the other hand, offers advanced features such as automatic process control and recipe management, enhancing productivity and ease of use. Overall, Semix / TOK etchers / ashers are reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced systems that meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. Their precision, process uniformity, and range of capabilities make them an ideal choice for semiconductor manufacturers seeking reliable and high-performance etching and ashing solutions.

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