Used AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD-1800 #9012453 For Sale

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ID: 9012453
Evaporator Configured for sputtering process.
AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD-1800 is an evaporator that utilizes the principles of evaporation to cool a space. This evaporator has been designed with superior durability in mind utilizing heavy-duty construction and corrosion-resistant materials. It has been designed to maximize its efficiency while keeping noise levels to a minimum. It features an epoxy-coated fan guard, galvanized steel cabinet, and insulated steel foils. This evaporator is designed to consume minimal power while properly cooling the space. The large aluminum low-noise axial fan helps to dissipate the heat away from the core components. This helps keep the evaporator running at peak performance and efficiency for longer durations. The 8" round duct connection allows for flexible installation and the pre-balanced flanges help maintain the same operating temperature throughout the system. It also has two flexible side panels that are adjustable to fit different forms of air distribution systems. This evaporator also has an adjustable air intake location that allows users to find the ideal setting for the particular space they are cooling. AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD 1800 features E-coil technology which enables it to provide efficient cooling and long-term durability. The corrosion-resistant materials also help reduce maintenance costs over time. The high-performance three-speed control board allows for precise control of the evaporator allowing users to set the desired temperature. Finally, BJD-1800 evaporator comes with built-in safety features such as an overtemperature switch, line fuse, and ground fault interrupter which helps protect the system from any unforeseen damage if an issue arises. With its durable construction and efficient cooling capabilities, BJD 1800 is a great choice for cooling any space.