Used AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD-1800 #9096613 For Sale

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ID: 9096613
Evaporator Throughput: (7) Wafers per run Planetary: 3" lift off Cryo and compressor Mech pump Clean chamber and shielding E-beam gun Dep sensor assy Orings Dep controller Indexer (6) Pockets Pump speed: 4,000 lt/sec of water Power supply: 6kW Currently installed.
AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD-1800 evaporator is an industrial grade evaporator designed for the rapid evaporation of liquids from large tanks. AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD 1800 is perfect for water, oil and other low-volatility liquids with its advanced triple-action disc design. BJD-1800 is an all-in-one evaporation equipment that utilizes air, mechanical action, and high-pressure acceleration to efficiently evaporate large portions of water and other liquids. Its versatile design allows it to be used in many high-scale industries, such as food and beverage, chemical processing, energy, and environmental protection. The high-speed triple-action disc evaporator utilizes a special three-stage vapor-recovery system. This unit is composed of a pressurized main chamber, a condenser, and a vapor-recovery machine. The pressurized main chamber efficiently accelerates the evaporation process using both air and mechanical action, while the condenser captures any steam that is created. After the evaporation process is complete, the vapor-recovery tool helps to reduce the heat loss caused by evaporating the liquid. BJD 1800 also features advanced monitoring and control systems. These systems help to ensure that the environment remains safe and consistent throughout the evaporation process. The asset is equipped with a temperature sensor, a pressure switch, and a flow meter to monitor data. In addition, the model can be set up to provide automated shut off when certain pressure and temperature thresholds are reached. AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD-1800 evaporator is an exceptional industrial grade equipment that provides a reliable, fast, and efficient evaporation rate. By using a combination of air, mechanical action, and high-pressure acceleration, the system allows for large batches of low-volatility liquids to be processed with very minimal heat loss. With its advanced monitoring and control systems, AIRCO TEMESCAL BJD 1800 is a trusted and dependable evaporator solution for many industries.