Used ADVANTEST (Final Test) for sale

ADVANTEST is a leading manufacturer of final test equipment, providing high-quality solutions for various industries. They offer a range of analog test systems that are designed to meet the diverse testing requirements of their customers. One of their popular test units is the T 5585, which is an advanced analog test platform. It offers precise measurement capabilities, high-speed testing, and flexible configurations. The T 5585 is equipped with various modules and options, allowing customers to customize the system according to their specific needs. It is especially well-suited for testing analog, mixed-signal, and RF devices. The T 2000 is another notable final test system from ADVANTEST. It is a versatile platform that supports a wide range of applications, including analog, digital, and mixed-signal testing. The T 2000 is known for its high throughput, low cost of ownership, and advanced test capabilities. It offers features like parallel testing and multi-site testing to maximize productivity. The T 5593 is another example of ADVANTEST's final test machines. It is a high-performance analog test solution that is ideal for testing power management devices, audio codecs, and other analog devices. The T 5593 offers comprehensive test coverage, high-precision measurements, and advanced fault diagnosis capabilities. Overall, ADVANTEST's final test tools provide customers with reliable and efficient testing solutions. They offer advantages such as high throughput, flexibility, accuracy, and advanced features. These assets, including the T 5585, T 2000, and T 5593, are trusted by companies across industries for their superior performance and comprehensive testing capabilities.