Used TDK TAS300 #293653095 for sale

ID: 293653095
Load port Part number: 0190-17837.
TDK TAS300 is a handler that is used to manage the flow of component material in the manufacturing process. It is a highly automated equipment with a robust operator interface that allows for easy integration into existing assembly processes. TDK TAS 300 is capable of performing both automatic and manual operations, providing an efficient and reliable method for handling large amounts of component material. It is built with a modular design and can be customized with additional modules to support a variety of production needs. It is equipped with three servo axes and can be adapted to various application requirements using a variety of controller types. The main features of TAS300 include adjustable table heights, automatic start/stop/reset functions, a monitoring system, and a programmable logic controller. It is equipped with a fast servo-motor unit and has a fast data transfer rate of up to 500 Megabytes per second. Its robust structure ensures that it can reliably handle heavy and bulky materials up to 12 tons. TAS 300 also has two special features that make it particularly useful: the integrated pick-and-place tray and the hybrid tray buffer. The pick-and-place tray is useful for picking and placing components in specific locations on the assembly line. It also provides flexibility in terms of its handling speed, allowing for an increase or decrease in speed depending on the specific needs of the project. The hybrid tray buffer is used for stacking, merging, and packing components. It is capable of handling both large and small components and can be used in storage applications. TDK TAS300 is a reliable and versatile handler that provides the reliable operation of a modular automated assembly machine. It is designed to reduce labor costs, increase production cycle times, and boost productivity. With its ability to work with a variety of components and its flexible pick-and-place solution, it is the perfect tool for a wide range of manufacturing environments.
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