Used IPEC / WESTECH / SPEEDFAM Equipment for sale

IPEC / WESTECH / SPEEDFAM is a world-leading manufacturer in the semiconductor industry, specializing in wafer grinding, lapping, and polishing processes. With a prestigious history dating back several decades, the company has established itself as a pioneer in innovative technology solutions. The company's journey began when IPEC Corporation was founded in California in the 1980s. Initially focusing on the design and manufacture of wafer grinding equipment, IPEC quickly gained recognition for its high-quality products and industry-leading expertise. Within a few years, the company expanded its operations and transformed into WESTECH Instruments, Inc. WESTECH's continued success propelled it towards further expansion. It diversified its product offerings by developing cutting-edge technology for lapping and polishing processes as well. Constantly pushing boundaries, the company evolved from WESTECH to SPEEDFAM Corporation, further strengthening its position as a comprehensive provider of wafer thinning and surface finishing solutions. SPEEDFAM's product portfolio is crafted with meticulous precision to cater to the exacting demands of the semiconductor industry. Their wafer grinding equipment employs advanced techniques to achieve superior flatness, low defect rates, and exceptional film thickness control. On the other hand, their lapping and polishing solutions utilize state-of-the-art processes to achieve industry-leading surface roughness values while maintaining high throughput. With their unwavering commitment to research and development, IPEC / WESTECH / SPEEDFAM remains at the forefront of technological advancements. They continuously refine their products and processes to offer their customers the most advanced and reliable solutions on the market. Through their dedication, experience, and extensive knowledge, IPEC / WESTECH / SPEEDFAM continues to shape the landscape of wafer processing technology worldwide.