Used ABEC 1200 #190395 for sale

ID#: 190395







Equipment Details:

Bioreactor, 1200L, with Precision Stainless Jacketed Vessel Specifications: National board #: 6815 Internal MAWP: 40 psi @ 300 degrees F Jacket MAWP: 60 psi @ 300 degrees F Skid mounted Vessel material of construction: 316-L stainless internal and 304 exterior Mounted on three load cells with display Dished top and bottom Bottom mounted agitator Center bottom discharge Top has 6" sight glass and 20" manway Approximate tank dimensions: 48" straight side x 40" inside diameter Magellan Tandem Pro Gas Analyzer Biovision 8500 cO2 monitor Brooks 5850I mass flow controllers Control panel has dual Broadley Technologies 30 controllers for dissolved oxygen and pH Honeywell MiniTrend V5 recorder Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC controlled with a PanelView 1000 operator interface Integrated 1 horsepower pump System was used for mammalian cell culture 1996 vintage.
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