Used ADIXEN APR 4300 #9235406 for sale

ID: 9235406
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2014
Wafer decontamination system, 12" CIM: E84, SECS/GEM, GEM300 Main system: Main mini environment Platform Main CPU & ACDC module SMIF System: (2) ASYST 2200 Indexers Handler system: Wafer notch alignment with spatula (2) Harmonic arm drive assembly with wafer handler APM Slider with shuttle arm Process chambers: Etching with E-chuck Stripping Rinse/Spin dry (2) Load locks (3) RF Generators, 1250 W Auto WVDS controller Accessories: Remote AC box Main chamber: Turbo pump: 1000ltr with controller E-Chuck TCP RF Match Bias RF match (2) RF Generators 100 sccm CL2 MFC 50 sccm BCL3 MFC 300 sccm O2 MFC 30 sccm N2 MFC 1000 sccm N2 MFC 100 sccm Ar MFC 50 sccm He UPC Strip chamber: DSQ RF Match Heater paddle RF Generator Auto WVDS controller 2000 sccm O2 MFC 300 sccm N2 MFC 500 sccm H2O MFC With controller Rinse/Dry: Spin dryer with vacuum chuck 2014 vintage.
ADIXEN APR 4300 is a durable and powerful laboratory equipment and accessories from ADIXEN brand. This unit is a combination of a dual diaphragm vacuum pump with an integrated controller. It is designed to meet the needs of demanding applications for laboratory equipment and accessories. APR 4300 has a dual diaphragm vacuum pump and integrated controller, which is designed to provide reliable and efficient operation in even the most demanding laboratory environments. The unit is equipped with a 1/4 NPT fitting and has a maximum pumping capacity of 8l/min. It features a powerful 1150W motor with 3-stage operation and is CE certified for safe and reliable operation. The unit has a built-in, self-measuring oil mist drain, which extends the filter's life and reduces oil mist formly. ADIXEN APR 4300 has a color LCD display that shows pressure and flow values, enabling users to easily monitor the system's performance. The unit is designed to operate safely and is protected from damage by a variety of safety features. The unit has an IP 21C degree of protection, is UL approved, and features an isolated fan motor, overload heating, overload current protection, and a thermally insulated anti-surge chamber. APR 4300 is equipped with a simple to use modular design, making set-up and maintenance easy for users. The unit is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store. In conclusion, ADIXEN APR 4300 is an advanced and powerful laboratory equipment and accessories. It is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance in even the most demanding environments. The unit is equipped with a variety of safety features and is UL approved. Plus, it is easy to set up and maintain thanks to its modular design. APR 4300 is an ideal choice for laboratory applications in need of a powerful and reliable vacuum pump and integrated controller.
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