Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT Z4203B #9009785 for sale

ID: 9009785
HPLR laser.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT Z4203B is a high-quality laser designed for industrial applications. It's an ultraviolet (UV) laser, which means it contains an energy source that can emit a ultraviolet light beam. The laser is used for etching, micromachining, and micro-dispensing in the production process of many products. Its wavelength range is from 193 nm up to 413 nm. The laser features high power output, low noise and low thermal drift. It has a single longitudinal mode and a short pulse length in its emission, making it well suited for ultra-high precision applications and producing a work with smooth edges, without particle accumulation. Its high-speed pulse repetition allows for a high-resolution micromachining applications while its low thermal drift technology ensures that the laser stays constantly aligned during operation. The laser has a repetition rate of up to 100kHz and a wide range of adjustable pulse energy and repetition levels. Its external optics can be customized to adapt to the user's specific application. Its housing includes an in-built cooling system that guarantees the laser remains reliable and consistent during its operation. Additionally, the laser has a structural fatigue-resistant design that allows it to be used for long-term, heavy-duty industrial tasks. Its power consumption is low - it requires only 50W of power. It also features a large beam waist (20µm) and a Gaussian beam profile that provide for better performance and increased efficiency in various applications. The laser has a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the stray light from affecting its performance or harming the users. All in all, HP Z4203B is an advanced industrial laser that offers outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency. It's ideal for various industrial applications where precision and accuracy are paramount.
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