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AMADA 6672
ID: 182885
AMADA 6672 laser is a high-precision, flatbed processing machine developed by AMADA in response to the increasing demand for tight tolerance parts in a wide range of industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, and consumer goods. The machine has the capability to process a wide variety of materials such as plastics, composites, and traditional materials like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is capable of 16 cutting heads on a rotary axis with a cutting range of up to 3,900mm x 2,100mm and laser powers of 2.0kw to 6.0kw. The machine can generate intricate shapes in just a few hours with accuracies of +/- 0.1 mm. It features a fine mesh head capable of cutting shapes up to 0.2mm in thickness for high precision. The fast, intelligent Percept control software allows for easy machine programming and editing to quickly change from one production project to the next. It is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency with a laser setup rack and integrated parts conveyor equipment. 6672 also offers fast piercing and processing speeds with a top speed of 49m/min and a feed rate of up to 119m/min. It has a highly configurable and powerful automation system which is capable of conveying profiles of up to 30m in length. The machine also comes with a vision unit to monitor the production and detect defects in the material. AMADA 6672 is equipped with a variety of safety features including window locks, eye shields, laser safety curtains, and interlock switches. It also has an integrated dust extraction and surface dust removal machine to help ensure clean and safe working conditions. 6672 is an ideal choice for any precision cutting project. Its high power, accuracy, and fast speeds make it an ideal choice for highly detailed parts production. Its modular design gives it the flexibility for various applications and its advanced automation tool makes it capable of powering through large scale projects with precision and ease.
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