Used APL 30W CO2 #9384929 for sale

30W CO2
ID: 9384929
Automatic mine engraving machine.
APL 30W CO2 laser is a powerful laser that is designed for precision marking and cutting of various materials. It offers users high compatibility and can be used for a wide range of applications that involve the use of laser processing, such as engraving, marking, grooving, drilling, and patterning on different materials. This CO2 laser is a powerful device equipped with advanced optics, including a state-of-the-art beam delivery equipment, a high-precision X-Y motion system, and a digitally controlled optical isolator. This advanced machine features up to 30W of pulsed CO2 laser power, which allows users to process materials with extreme levels of precision. The laser also comes with an adjustable frequency from 1 kHz to 50 kHz, allowing users to adjust the speed of their specific job. 30W CO2 laser features advanced material recognition technology, which automatically adapts the machine's settings to ensure the best precision and quality when working with various materials. This unit greatly simplifies the setup process and helps users get their job done faster and more efficiently. The machine also includes a wide range of features and accessories to enable users to get the most from the laser. These include an automatic dust and particles evacuation machine to maintain cleanliness in the working environment, a laser scanner, an auto-focusing feature, an auto-shut feature, and more. Furthermore, its advanced laser control tool ensures excellent control of the laser head, allowing users to precisely control the energy demands of the laser for specific material processing job. Additionally, its flexible focus control enables users to manipulate the focus of the laser beam to different spots on the material. Overall, APL 30W CO2 laser is a powerful and advanced machine that allows users to get the most out of any laser processing job. Its advanced features and components make it one of the most efficient and precise laser materials processing systems on the market.
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