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Leybold/ Balzers is a renowned manufacturer specializing in vacuum technology since its establishment in 1873. The rich history of this German company dates back to the fundamentals of vacuum science and engineering. Over the years, Leybold/ Balzers has become one of the leading experts in the field, revolutionizing industries with its innovative solutions and high-quality products. One of the flagship products offered by Leybold/ Balzers is their sputtering systems. These systems are used in various applications, most commonly in thin film deposition processes. Sputtering is a technique where ions are bombarded at a solid target material, causing atoms and molecules to be ejected from the target surface. This process allows for the creation of thin films on a substrate, providing excellent adhesion and high stability. Leybold/ Balzers' sputtering systems are renowned for their reliability, precision, and superior performance. They are used in diverse industries such as semiconductors, optics, telecommunications, and manufacturing of solar cells. In addition to sputtering systems, Leybold/ Balzers offers a wide range of vacuum technology products. These include vacuum pumps, gauges, leak detectors, and thermal processing equipment. As a trusted brand in the vacuum industry, Leybold/ Balzers ensures that their products are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the unique requirements of their customers. With a combination of cutting-edge technology, expertise, and a commitment to quality, Leybold/ Balzers continues to push the boundaries of vacuum technology. Their products enable breakthroughs in various industries across the globe, making them a reliable partner for customers seeking outstanding vacuum solutions.

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