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AGIE AgieCut 100D
AgieCut 100D
ID: 9067038
Eroding machine.
AGIE AgieCut 100D is an advanced cutting tool that can be used for a variety of machining operations. This fully automatic, computer-controlled machine has an integrated milling spindle, cutting wheel, and a linear guide for accuracy and speed. The tool is equipped with an advanced 12,000 RPM motor, a servo-driven cross-slide, and an auto-feed feature for faster production. AgieCut 100D also includes an air-cooled 18kW spindle motor to provide more power and longer cutting times. The machine provides up to 800mm/min of cutting speed and a 0.001mm to 0.002mm of accuracy over the entire surface of the part being machined. AGIE AgieCut 100D features a dielectric coolant system and a built-in coolant tank to reduce oil and dust during the machining process. The machine has an adjustable bed height control, and the cutting pressure can be adjusted to the desired level. The spindle rpm is also adjustable, and the spindle can be stopped manually or automatically at the end of a cutting cycle. The machine is equipped with a fan to help maintain cool temperatures and has protection circuits in place to protect the electronic components from damage. AgieCut 100D is a high-performance machine tool that provides accuracy and high speeds for efficient production and can be used for a variety of applications. The integrated system and powerful motor give exceptional performance, and the auto-feed feature helps save time. The coolant system, adjustable cutting speed, precision motor, and adjustable bed height all help ensure accuracy and a higher quality finish. AGIE AgieCut 100D is a reliable machine tool for a variety of industrial machining operations and has become a favorite tool among manufacturers.
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