Used AGIE AgieCut Classic 2 #9067034 for sale

AGIE AgieCut Classic 2
AgieCut Classic 2
ID: 9067034
Vintage: 1997
Wire eroding machine 1997 vintage.
AGIE AgieCut Classic 2 is a versatile, high-precision machine tool designed for a wide variety of EDM applications. It can be used for cutting, drilling, and reaming metal, plastic, and composite materials. AgieCut Classic 2 features a three-axis CNC control system, high-accuracy linear positioning, and a wide variety of axis drives, milling heads, and cutting tools. AGIE AgieCut Classic 2 is designed for high accuracy, with a 0.060" position tolerance, on its X, Y, and Z-axis linear motion. It offers high-speed motion with a maximum travel speed of 809 contouring inches per minute. The machine also comes with a choice of CNC controllers, allowing users to select the controller they need for their specific application. The controllers are designed to integrate with many other job-related software solutions. AgieCut Classic 2 includes a wide range of spindle and tooling options, allowing users to customize their machine to meet their exacting specifications. It can handle spindle speeds ranging from 3000 to 15000 RPM. The automatic tool changer has a capacity of 32 tools, and can manage tool lengths up to 4.9" and a maximum tool weight of 1.3 lbs. Its innovative design also makes it a safe and efficient machine. The cutting chamber is surrounded by a polymer liner for protect from cutting debris. There's also an emergency stop button on the controller. AGIE AgieCut Classic 2 has a robust construction, with a strong cast iron frame and rigid column gantry. Its dimensions are 52.8" x 92.1" x 77.6". It has a continuous duty rating of 30KW and a electrical supply of 480V and 110V, with optional frequency conversion available. Overall, AgieCut Classic 2 is an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile, high-precision machine tool for EDM applications. Its range of spindle and tooling options, coupled with its advanced CNC control system, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient machine. It's a great choice for both experienced professionals and hobbyists alike.
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