Used AMADA / WASINO LJ 3 BP #9066317 for sale

ID: 9066317
Vintage: 1991
CNC Lathe machine Turning diameter: 160 Turning length: 300 Control: FANUC 0 T 20 kw to 5,0 1991 vintage.
AMADA / WASINO LJ 3 BP is a highly versatile and durable machine tool used extensively in manufacturing and production. It is a turret punch press with a servo motor axis control, making it a reliable and cost-effective tool for machining parts. The machine utilizes a mechanical torque-limiting system and this ensures the punch press operates safely, while the make ensures productive output. The machine features a range of features that make it a great addition to any workspace. The turret punch press is equipped with a CNC control that provides all the necessary feedback and control, while the press supports all standard sheet metal formats, making it suitable for a range of items. As well, the machines can be fitted with a range of tools such as clamps, dies and punchers. Additionally, AMADA LJ 3 BP is capable of various operations apart from punching. It can be used for marking, marking-out and piercing, as well as for machining and drilling. With the help of the various tools equipped for each of these operations, it can be an efficient means for producing quality parts. The machine has a range of safety features too, to ensure the operator is protected from dangerous working conditions. It features an emergency stop switch that immediately shuts down the machine in the event of an emergency. This prevents injuries caused by accidental impacts and the press also features a foot pressure control system to monitor the pressure applied to sheets by the tool and the operated and protect both the press and the operators. Overall, WASINO LJ 3 BP is a highly reliable and efficient machine tool that can be a great addition for any production and manufacturing workspace. With its CNC control and versatility, it is the ideal choice for small scale productions and for the production of customized parts. The machine's efficient and reliable operation, coupled with its safety features, make it an ideal choice for any application.
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