Used ECRM MAKO 2 #9025800 for sale

ID: 9025800
CTP system Polymer processors developer INCA 70/80 Includes platinum plate stacker.
ECRM MAKO 2 is a high-performance machine tool designed to handle a variety of machining tasks in the industrial and automotive industries. It is suitable for applications such as drilling, tapping, milling, and reaming operations. The machine is controlled by a CNC equipment which enables the operator to program a variety of complex machining operations to be performed. MAKO 2 is made of heavy-duty cast iron and features a bidirectional forced lubrication system. It is designed to provide high-precision and fast function with superior accuracy. Its large 1250x500x650 mm working area allows for flexibility and a wide range of machining operations. ECRM MAKO 2 can accommodate tools up to 10 mm diameters and has a maximum spindle speed of 8000rpm. MAKO 2's main features include a 3 axis CNC unit and an AC servo motor for the longitudnal and cross axes. It has a ballscrews transmission with a precision of 0.01mm for rapid movement and increased accuracy. In addition, two counterweights are equipped for reducing vibrations and improving accuracy and smoothness while machining. The CNC machine controls ECRM MAKO 2 to perform complex machining operations. This includes drilling, tapping, milling and reaming with assorted feed rates and cutting speeds. The tool, in conjunction with its powerful spindle can handle heavy-duty operations such as deep-hole drilling and high cutting speeds for better machining results. New chip management technology, known as MAKOMILL, provides protection to the spindle tool and a built-in chip conveyor helps in easy chip removal. The MAKOMILL asset also includes a vacuum and coolant model for machine cutting. MAKO 2 comes with numerous safety features to protect both the machine and the operators. These features include a safety door to protect operators from rotating parts and a hand held hold device for single axis control when machining. Overall, ECRM MAKO 2 is a robust and reliable machine tool with a long service life. Its high-performance and accuracy make it suitable for a variety of industrial and automotive machining operations.
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