Used EMCO-MAIER Hyperturn 665 SM2YB #9052147 for sale

EMCO-MAIER Hyperturn 665 SM2YB
ID: 9052147
Vintage: 2013
CNC Turning / milling center, 2013 vintage.
EMCO-MAIER Hyperturn 665 SM2YB is a versatile multitasking machine tool designed for high performance and productivity in the machining of precision components from a range of stainless and alloy steels, and non-ferrous materials. The vertical turning lathe features a robust design, allowing quick machining with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Hyperturn 665 SM2YB is a powerful and flexible machine, with a variety of features that ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. It is powered by a Siemens 840D drive technology, offering precise motion control with rapid acceleration and deceleration rates. The maximum spindle speed is 10,200 rpm, and the spindle diameter is 160 mm, providing versatile machining capabilities. The machine comes with a robust and rigid bed and saddle design, which helps eliminate chatter in the machining process. The spindle is well supported with double row tapered roller bearing along with an integrated preload system, allowing quick and accurate positioning of the tool. The four-axis headstock design is another feature that allows for the high speed machining of complex components. The machine is equipped with a direct drive milling head that gives the operator the capability to perform a variety of angle machining operations. The C-axis and linear/tilting axes are NC controlled and can be programmed for both positioning and threading operations. This gives the operator the flexibility to produce components from a range of materials and shapes. For improved operator safety and security, EMCO-MAIER Hyperturn 665 SM2YB is also equipped with an optional safety package. This includes sensors and light guards for trapping hazardous intersections, as well as video monitoring systems for monitoring the machining process. In all, Hyperturn 665 SM2YB is a highly efficient and versatile machine tool for machining precision components. It is a powerful machine with excellent control, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. This robust and reliable machine is well-suited for high-precision parts machining, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.
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