Used GILDEMEISTER MD 7iT / 2A #9066299 for sale

ID: 9066299
Vintage: 1992
CNC Lathe machine Turning diameter: 420 Turning length: 765 Control: EPL 10 kw 1992 vintage.
GILDEMEISTER MD 7iT / 2A is a machine tool manufactured by GILDEMEISTER that specializes in turning and milling. This particular machine tool has been designed for cutting and machining metals with accuracy and high production speed. It combines the Fanuc 0i-TD control with MD 7iT / 2A turret, making it capable of external turning and milling in one machine setup. Operators of GILDEMEISTER MD 7iT / 2A machine tool have control over two axes and a third tilted axis. This allows for versatile machining operations. The turret can pivot from 0 to +50 degrees with 0.001 degrees of accuracy and the tool head can move up to 20,000 rpm for both turning and milling operations. The turret is equipped with 12 programmable tools for added efficiency. Furthermore, the machine is also equipped with an 8-position turret and two VDI-30 quick-change holders for improved cutting and production speed. In addition, the machine features a full-enclosing housing to contain any chips and coolant, ensuring worker safety and providing a clean work environment. The machine also boasts high accuracy, with a repeat accuracy of +/− 0.02mm and a positioning accuracy of +/− 0.008mm. Additionally, it offers a smoother motion with low vibration due to its highly powered direct-drive spindle and anti-vibration cast-iron base. To ensure a long-lasting service life, MD 7iT / 2A machine tool is further enhanced with GILDEMEISTER GEMG2 protective finish. This finish not only protects the machine parts from chips, debris, and debris, but it also prevents corrosion, allowing the machine to remain efficient over time. In conclusion, GILDEMEISTER MD 7iT / 2A machine tool offers high-precision cutting and milling operations; combined with its high production speed and GEMG2 protective finish, it has the capability to handle challenging machining tasks with efficiency.
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