Used GRINDINGMASTER 3400 / 1350 WWBB #9067008 for sale

ID: 9067008
Vintage: 1999
Sheet metal deburring machine 1999 vintage.
GRINDINGMASTER 3400 / 1350 WWBB is a highly precise and versatile machine tool designed for professional sharpening and grinding operations. It consists of a motorized grinding spindle for universal and flexible grinding applications, a robust drive system, a sturdy bed frame and a well-designed control panel. This machine tool is commonly used to sharpen and finish hardened and high-speed steel or aluminiumcutting and forming tools. 3400 / 1350 WWBB is equipped with a 3-phase, 400 volt, 1350 watt, 4-pole asynchronous drive motor, and a continuously adjustable grinding spindle speed ranging from 500 to 3500 rpm. The machine also features a built-in waterbath option for cooling and lubrication of tools during the grinding process. The tool holders can be mounted on the universal support spindle and the grinding spindle is easily adjustable to obtain the desired angle or curvature. The tool holders come in a variety of shapes (straight, curved, round etc.) to accommodate different shapes of tool bits. GRINDINGMASTER 3400 / 1350 WWBB is built with a sturdy bed frame designed to absorb the vibration of the grinding process. The grinding spindle is mounted on a rigid plinth to ensure vibration-free performance. The machine's control panel is situated on the right side and includes several features such as automatic speed control, adjustable descent speed, and a manual/automatic execution mode. For accurate results and to minimize tool damage, 3400 / 1350 WWBB includes several features such as a built-in diamond-tipped dresser, precision centering and guiding devices, and a spring-loaded adjustable grinding pressure mechanism. To ensure operator safety, the machine is also equipped with a safety shield to protect the operator from sparks, noise and shavings. GRINDINGMASTER 3400 / 1350 WWBB is an ideal solution for a variety of grinding and sharpening applications. Thanks to its robust design, powerful motor, and precise controls, this machine tool can deliver reliable and accurate results. With its user-friendly operation and easy maintenance, this machine is sure to meet the demands of professional grinding operations.
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