Used HAAS VF-2 #9058905 for sale

ID: 9058905
Vintage: 1997
CNC Vertical Machining Center Travels: 30" x 16" x 20" Spindle, taper size: CT40 Speed: 7,500rpm Spindle motor max. rating: 20hp Tool changer: capacity standard, 20 Options; Control Haas P-Cool Floppy drive HA-5C rotary table 4th axis wired Programmable coolant nozzle Floppy disk drive Chip auger Gear box Rigid tapping Quick code 220V 1997 vintage.
HAAS VF-2 is a popular machine tool developed by HAAS Automation Company for use in a variety of industries, primarily the metalworking industry. The machine is relatively small yet highly effective; it features a large 30" x 16" x 20" (762 x 406 x 508mm) work envelope which allows it to accommodate a wide variety of workpieces. HAAS VF2 utilizes a powerful 20HP vector drive motor to provide rapid traverse rates of 710 ipm (18 m/min) in X and Y and 590 ipm (15 m/min) in Z. This provides excellent cutting speed for both roughing and finishing tasks. Furthermore, the high drive speed ensures that the machine maintains its superior cutting performance even during heavy duty jobs. The machine also includes a powerful 12,000rpm spindle that increases its productivity and accuracy. It features a strong spindle taper design for superior gripping force to withstand more intense cutting pressure. Additionally, this feature enables the spindle to perform with high torque even while operating at high speeds, providing plenty of power to the cutting process. VF 2 also offers excellent thermal stability for improved accuracy and repeatability over long periods of time. This is achieved thanks to the rigid oversized one piece base, with four-corner leveling for a perfectly flat casting surface. On top of that, the machine is designed with an enhanced 'V' channel to ensure symmetrical machining results. In addition to its outstanding features, HAAS VF 2 is equipped with advanced control systems. These include HAAS HRT Series Control, which offers powerful networking capabilities, including the ability to remotely monitor and adjust parameters from an external device. The control also provides a convenient way to keep track of changes in tooling, operating procedures, and other elements of the cutting process. Overall, VF2 is an incredibly capable machine offering superior precision and power for production work with minimal setup and adjustment time. Its features make it an incredibly powerful machine for many metalworking applications, and its reliability and precision makes it a top choice in the industry.
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